1/365 Starting My Writing Project

This my first blog post after a long time and I wanted to talk about how the quarantine summer vacation is going…..it’s going…..alright. Really I feel bored since there is nothing much to do and since we all still have to stay home and watch nothing but Netflix and YouTube 1,000,000 times.

Even though California is open and out of lockdown, it still feels like we are at the BEGINNING of the pandemic. I am really hoping that we will soon go out without masks. When school was online, it was very challenging. The teachers gave us more homework than usual, because according to them we have nothing better to do. And the answer was that we did have more important things to do. I have graduated from middle school 4 weeks ago and I am now stuck in summer vacation.

Since I can’t go anywhere, I have been doing my own things like working on animation and singing. I have been getting better and I have been planning on YouTube videos and I have been trying to stay in contact with my friends. I will soon go on a trip to Oregon! I am really excited to go on the first vacation ever after lockdown. And yes you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I do Singing Ventriloquism. Here is the Link

As my vacation is coming to an end, i have been wondering on what to expect for high school. All I know is that the teachers will assign homework on the weekends but that’s all. So I am really nervous but also excited because i am going to a school that has many performing arts opportunities.


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