5/365 Quarantine Sucks…but it can be ok ???

Ever since March 13th 2020, I have been hating quarantine for so long but also kinda liking it. And I decided that for this blog post, I will list and explain the reasons why I don’t like quarantine but can also have a liking to it, this might be the same reasons for everyone. But first let me tell you something, I am someone who doesn’t want to be stuck in their house for most of the day. I am someone who wants to go out and hang out with friends, now I hardly see them anymore. Of course, there’s technology and we can talk but we all have our own stuff to do. Let us start with the cons of quarantine. Starting with….

CON #1:

I don’t get to go to hangout with my friends. Because of social distancing, I rarely get to see my friends. Most of the time I will try to talk to them through the internet, but they would be doing their own things and I would be forced to play video games and watch videos. Most of the time we would talk once a month and stay silent for the the rest of the month cause we will do our own things.

CON #2

You get more sluggish. Ever since the pandemic, we all have been stuck at home and we have all barely moved. I wasn’t staying active nor eating healthier at the start of the pandemic. Since you can’t hit the gym and do a good workout and work up a sweat, we all have not been caring about our health. And we all aren’t dogs that get to lay around and live luxury.

CON #3

You forget how to socialize. It has been 6 days and you have been losing your mind from lockdown and you suddenly realize, “oh wait…I forgot how to socialize”. Since we all stay at home, we all haven’t been talking to any people in real life and we might’ve forgotten to talk to people. Socializing is very important in our lives since we all need to learn how to talk.

PRO #1

You can try out different things to keep you occupied. I know I just said that thSince we all are stuck at home and can’t go outside, we can figure out ways to have fun. For me, I have been doing more animation and video making. I have also been practicing on guitar. Many other people might be doing more advanced stuff like coding or they might be doing good for the people like doing community services.

PRO #2

At the start of the pandemic, all animals from the animal shelter were adopted and all of them found a good home. I am very happy about that since animals don’t have to stay in cages in the middle of a pandemic and they get to have a loving family. All of the shelters were empty since everyone adopted a dog, cat, bird, reptile and other animals and gave them a loving home. I am someone who likes animals and I am someone who wants all shelters to be empty and for all dogs to have a wonderful home and a loving family.

That is my entire list of pros and cons about quarantine, of course there were more cons than pros but that’s because quarantine is mostly terrible and only 1/4 good. I am hoping that next school year will be in person and that I can see all of my friends again.


1/365 Starting My Writing Project

This my first blog post after a long time and I wanted to talk about how the quarantine summer vacation is going…..it’s going…..alright. Really I feel bored since there is nothing much to do and since we all still have to stay home and watch nothing but Netflix and YouTube 1,000,000 times.

Even though California is open and out of lockdown, it still feels like we are at the BEGINNING of the pandemic. I am really hoping that we will soon go out without masks. When school was online, it was very challenging. The teachers gave us more homework than usual, because according to them we have nothing better to do. And the answer was that we did have more important things to do. I have graduated from middle school 4 weeks ago and I am now stuck in summer vacation.

Since I can’t go anywhere, I have been doing my own things like working on animation and singing. I have been getting better and I have been planning on YouTube videos and I have been trying to stay in contact with my friends. I will soon go on a trip to Oregon! I am really excited to go on the first vacation ever after lockdown. And yes you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I do Singing Ventriloquism. Here is the Link

As my vacation is coming to an end, i have been wondering on what to expect for high school. All I know is that the teachers will assign homework on the weekends but that’s all. So I am really nervous but also excited because i am going to a school that has many performing arts opportunities.