24/365 Oregon Trip Day 3

This day was filled with many events, so in this post, I will be telling you all the events. First off, a day hasn’t started without eating some French Toast with syrup. After that, my family, and I went to Portland where they had a massive bookstore, and there were many books, genres and choices, but the two times that we went in, we came out with nothing. But all of the books looked interesting, after that, we all felt very hungry so we went to eat at a restaurant called, “Screen Door”, and the food there was so delicious and the employees were very kind and nice. So I give it a 5 star rating…if I had Yelp.

After that delicious lunch, my mom and I were craving something sweet, so we decided to go and try a doughnut place called, “Voodoo Doughnut”. They had all sorts of options, like ones with M&Ms, sprinkles, and other yummy flavors and toppings. I chose just to get one with sprinkles, and my mom got a Coconut Guava Colada. They tasted really good and I also would give it a 5 star rating, if I had Yelp that is!!!!! After that, my family and I decided to go to the Rose Garden, and it was really pretty and beautiful. My dog Reyna was also having fun and smelling all of the flowers and seeing all of the people walking around. But one thing was that…it was hot, like really hot. Because of that, she laid on the dirt and roll around in the grass a lot.

Soon, after we went to the Rose Garden, we then went to the car and were on our way for Multnomah Falls. When we made it to the water fall sight, it was amazing, so beautiful and the way how it fell from the cliff into the pond was oddly satisfying in a weird way. We took a bunch of pictures and then it was time to head home. But first, let’s get some ice cream. We got some ice cream and coffee, then made our way to the gift shop, where we found two very cute magnets for Portland, and for Multnomah Falls. After that we headed home and we all were really tired from the excitement of going to many places. We ordered pizza, ate some, and freshened up. And now I am writing this post. I hope you guys liked this post and I bet tomorrow will be cooler, and I will keep you all updated.


One thought on “24/365 Oregon Trip Day 3

  1. Hehe, so I was wrong in my comment on your last blog. You guys did indeed try other food. And you are so nice to give 5 star rating, if you had Yelp, that is… 😊

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