76/365 Update on the play for my school and mostly the week.

It’s going well. But I still have stories to tell you all. Last Friday, the teacher and the cast decided to run through the first act. In the play there are 2 acts in total, and we were reviewing the entirety of act 1. It was very funny but also very stressful, because we had to move a lot of the props. So this is what happened, we were about to start the play and we put on some amazing sound effects. Then the actors are basically doing their lines, and as they were doing them, the curtains close, and it’s time for the next scene. Me and the rest of the actors were putting a blue mat in the center of the stage and told one of the actors to get on the bed as fast as possible. When their scene was over, it was time for my scene, however, we needed to props that would act as the inside of a house. But no one did anything and were just sitting around, and not putting the props, so when the curtain came up, I just was doing my lines. Then the teacher said, “Um, where are the props”, and everyone else was all, “Oh, wait we had to do that”. Yes of course you were supposed to do that! So they put the props and then we finished the scene. Most of the events that happened were just all of us telling each other to move and set new props. After sometime, we had to do a part where we all had to act as if we were floating in midair. It was very fun and it was quite funny as well. After that, we got to ride a dragon and float in midair again. Doing all of the movements and the acting was really fun, but there is one thing that we all know. When we start to perform for the audience, we aren’t allowed to have the script with us, meaning we have to memorize the entire play till November 1st, it is September 25th (as I am writing this) and I literally have like a month to do it. Before you say, “Rahi, a month is a lot of time, you’ll be able to remember your lines by then”, there is still this little thing called homework, school, and responsibilities, and life I guess. I am still trying to memorize my lines. But, I am super excited to be part of my first ever high school theater experience. Wish me luck. Another thing is that my sister moved to college and I cried when she left. But then she came back in like three days. Honestly, I did know that she was back at college, but I was so busy with school and rehearsals that I didn’t have time to feel sad. Wow, that is one way to cope with things, occupy yourself with something, and become so busy that you don’t feel any emotions when something bad happened to you like 2-3 days ago. I don’t know what else to talk about since not many stuff happened this week except my sister moving to college and my play rehearsal, so…see you next week.


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