82/365 The play is almost done!!!

That’s right everyone! The Wrinkle in Time play is now almost in production. After many months of rehearsing, and training. I think we are ready to put on an entire show. But let me tell you one thing that I am most afraid of…missing lines. I have to say a few quotes that are so hard. And some lines that I have to get on the dot. I have been trying, and trying, and trying so hard, and I still am forgetting my lines. I am getting better at memorizing my lines, but I need to get them perfectly. The next thing that I have to know is about the blocking, or the movement. There are a lot of places where I have to just run, or even be carried. Knowing your blocking can help you memorize your lines. Did that work for me? Kinda, and kinda not. I was super excited when I would get to move and get to put my own taste into my character. I am Charles Wallace in the Wrinkle in Time production, and I love him.

Actually, fun fact, in the play Charles Wallace(NOT SAYING IT SINCE THEY ARE SPOILERS!!!!) and that is my favorite part. Me and the cast have been really excited for opening night. I am already wondering what the costumes are going to look like! December, is going to be a fun month.

32/365 Improv Summer Classes

Improv, it’s an interesting way of acting. This form of acting has no scripts, no rehearsals, and you have to come up with jokes on the spot. I have taken acting classes before but those ones had monologues and rehearsals. I have always loved acting and I also found it super fun. But improv is a different thing, improve is more filled with acting games like, “Rewind, Pause, Fast-Foward”, “Word at a time Story”, and many other games. Improv was so fun and all the games are exciting and funny. I remembered a game that I played which was “What are you doing”. Let me explain the rules, two people come up on stage and are given a category. One person will do an action which has the category, then the other person will ask, “what are you doing”. The other person will name another action that is not the action that they were doing. The other person will do the action the previous person has said. The game continues until one person can’t think of another action that involves the category.

I have made a lot of friends and most of us had interest and stuff that we all related to. Many of the people who were in the class, were older than me. I was in 6th grade, and the other kids were probably already in middle school and high school. I was scared that it was gonna be super awkward with me and the other people, but I actually made a lot of friends and I had a lot of fun acting and playing with my friends. The best part about the improv summer class was the big show where we get to play all of these games in front of the parents. The whole thing was a huge success, everyone in the audience loved the show and I had a fun time acting with my friends. Would I say that I was good at it? Nope, I was pretty childish with improv which I guess is alright since this was the first time I did something like improv, but it is also very fun to watch.