80/365 Homecoming week at my school

This was my first homecoming experience and it was, what I like to call, intense. Homecoming week is basically where you show off your spirit of your school. But for my school, it was different for all grade levels. Since I am a freshman, me and the rest of the freshmen, had to wear our spirit. But our spirit week was so boring. On Monday, we were supposed to wear one color. What do we look to you? One-colored curtains? Tuesday, we were supposed to wear neon colors. And their slogan for that day was, “Taste the Rainbow”, isn’t that copyrighted? Wednesday, we were supposed to wear tie-dye. I wanted to make my own tie-dye, but the process takes a day, and I came up with the idea on Tuesday. Thursday, we were supposed to wear our grade level t-shirts. And then Friday, we wore our school’s spirit colors.

There were also rallies for each grade level. And each grade level had a theme. For freshmen, our theme was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Sophomores’ theme was Harry Potter, totally not jealous. Juniors’ theme was Marvel. And Seniors’ theme was Avatar the Last Airbender. Like I said, there were many rallies for the grade levels. I decided to go and check out the freshmen rally, and it was pretty cool. It was just a bunch of decoration that was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory themed, with a bunch of freshmen saying that they are freshmen. But then the Seniors came and decided to come and started chanting that the Seniors were better. Way to crash the party. If I had the power, courage, and wisdom to think of another theme for the freshmen, I would definitely choose The Owl House. Actually, next year, I would be a Sophomore, so Sophomores’ theme will be The Owl House.

Lastly was the Homecoming Dance. The Homecoming Dance was pretty awkward, I did meet my friends. But my friends were out there. They went into the middle of the dance floor, and basically started jumping up and down. Meanwhile, I walked around the place trying to see if there were more people I knew and yeah, I found people and had a fun time! Homecoming was an experience, and if there are any freshmen whose school is doing homecoming, you should try it out. It is actually very fun, and the experience of it is incredible.


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