51/365 High school is interesting…

My first week of high school is ending really soon and I wanted to write out how I feel about high school so far. High school is actually pretty fun, but I think that’s only because it’s the first week of school. The first few days for this week was pretty chill, but also not so chill, and there’s one word that can sum that up. Homework. Piles and piles of homework. As I am writing this, I have some homework that is due in Friday, and yes don’t worry, I finished most of the homework and…wait a minute, why am I saying, “don’t worry”? I never knew that high school will actually be alright with giving us piles of homework. I don’t get why so many teachers think that we don’t have any other classes. The give us piles of homework and gives us an insane due date for the assignments. Now, you might be saying that’s alright and it’s part of life, but say that you have 50 pages of homework to do and you are expected to finish it and submit it by the next day. But, you have 5 more classes who already are putting so much homework on you, and also are giving you insane due dates. This is just an example, but I feel like teachers should know that us kids have other better stuff to do. They might have other classes, they might have to study for a big test or do even more homework from one of their classes. All I am saying to teachers, is to chill with the homework.

But it’s not all bad, I actually have some good teachers. My health class teacher, is probably one of the most relatable teachers I have ever had. And this teacher is the funniest teacher I have ever had. They understand that we sometimes don’t want to present projects in front of the class. One time, a student asked if we would have to present projects in front of the class. These were the teachers’ exact words, “NO, are you crazy?!” This person is the best teacher that I have had for high school so far. High school also has some fun events happening in the year, so there is still more to come!


One thought on “51/365 High school is interesting…

  1. True. You have to prioritize and plan the homework when you have too many. Like, those subjects which is easy for you can be done when you are in a relaxed mood, but give more time and attention to those subjects which may be hard. Also try to do such homework at times when your parents are free so that they can help clear your doubts if any.

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