44/365 My first day of school

Yesterday was my first day of high school, and it was pretty crazy and awkward. For starters, I didn’t know anyone in the school at all, I didn’t have any people who I have met or seen in my middle school, come to this high school. Starting day with hardly knowing anyone is…fine, then I was off for my first period class, I didn’t know how big high school can be, until now. There are many halls that twist and turn and it is so hard to find your classes and I couldn’t find my way around the school. After some time, I eventually found my first and second period classes, but my third class was much harder, my third period class was all the way at the end of the school, so to get there you basically have to run really fast, but I got the classes mixed up. When I took a look at my schedule I looked at what I thought was my class, and headed over to the room. However, this room, I couldn’t find at all, there wasn’t the room that was said on my schedule, but then I looked closer at my schedule, and realized that I made a big mistake. I had to go to the room all the way back at the school. Basically, I got the rooms switched up and I was late.

Next, it was time for lunch. I just sat on a bench and ate my sandwich hoping to make friends…I did not make friends. After that it was time for my fourth period class, I go to the room and inside said the teachers’ name. However, it isn’t my teachers’ name, but this is the right classroom on the schedule. Turns out my teachers’ room is all the way at the back of the school, so I speed-walked all the way to the classroom. After that, it was time for my 5th period class which i found without any problems. I talked with some people, and it actually felt nice to talk to people in real life instead of talking on zoom. Then I went to the my sixth period class and the presentation the teacher gave was pretty funny. After that, there was a Welcome/Welcome Back party where we played games and talked with peers. This was a very fun day, and you know what? I think I’m going to like high school.


2 thoughts on “44/365 My first day of school

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  2. Yes, it is better to talk to people and find out things even though Uncle Google might have answer to “where is my next class located?”. It can make things easier and help maintain that human connection. Even though I preach this, I personally ask Google for everything and right now I am suffering from the lack of that human connection and am not sure where to start fixing things from.

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