42/365 My sister is going away to college

My sister is soon gonna move away for college. Now, even though we have fights and arguments, I still will miss my sister. My sister is always my best friend, and we both still act like teenagers, I mean I’m a teenager, but, never mind. My sister is only moving to a place where it’s a 1 hour drive away, but even with her gone, I will miss talking to her and hanging out with her. And since she will be busy with school, I won’t be able to talk to her. We always have fun together and I don’t want to be the only sibling at home. When she goes to college, I won’t have anyone who can play or talk to, I mean I have my parents, which is also cool, but, I just feel like my sister is kinda like me and I won’t be able to talk to her. I know, I know, she isn’t dying, but we have hung out and had so much fun together, I just am really going to miss those times. If you have an older sibling that is going or is in college and they have to move, you might also feel sad since you and your sibling will be far apart. I have heard this from many videos and people who will say that even though you’re both far apart, that distance will keep you closer. I don’t know if that’s actually true, since it hasn’t happened for me yet, but I still believe it.


One thought on “42/365 My sister is going away to college

  1. I am sure Rhea can come home every weekend. So if you make sure you keep yourself busy by completing your daily homework on time, you would have the weekend for yourself to spend with Rhea, and have lots to share with her about your new school, and she would have adventures to share from her uni.

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