26/365 Oregon Trip Day 5

This was the day that we were leaving Oregon. Now, this whole day was just a bunch of driving back home. This is how the day went. First of all, we had to wake up at 5 AM to pack all of our stuff and to pack them into our car. We did all of that, and then we said goodbye to the hotel, and started to drive away. For breakfast, we basically just got food from the hotel, like bagels, and granola bars. As we were driving, I didn’t know what to do, so I just played video games and listened to music. After that, we reached Crater Lake, and got to see the lake without any of the fog. We drove all the way to the top and got to see a lot of the lake. Turns out, there is a little island on Crater Lake that people call, “The Wizard Island”. I mean, I want to learn magic, and sure there is Hogwarts, but Wizard Island seems much cooler.

After that, we just kept on driving until we reached a place to eat lunch, and I got the best, most amazing and delicious food of all time…greek yogurt…strawberry flavor. Yeah, I didn’t feel that hungry but the yogurt was good. While we were driving, I soon became super tired and fell asleep, not 2 times, not 3 times, but 5 times, I think. I was really tired for waking up at 5 AM. My dog was the one that was pooped, she used my sister as a pillow to put her little head on, yes it was cute. After that, we decided to get some dinner, and we got Dosa from this restaurant called, “Saravana Bhavan”, the dosa was really good, and it went really well with the sambar. We reached home and freshened up and ate dinner, and now I am writing this blog post. Oregon was really fun and I enjoyed the nature that was in Oregon and that I had fun with my family. This is an official wrap up for the Oregon Trip.


One thought on “26/365 Oregon Trip Day 5

  1. Yeah, people feel tired on their return trips. We used to feel the same whenever we returned from school tours. Now, after growing up, I don’t have the luxury to fall asleep as I will be in the driving seat. But sure enough, my wife and Amna can doze off whenever they want to.

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