25/365 Oregon Trip Day 4

This is the last day of the Oregon Trip and, you would think that we did a bunch of crazy things for the last day but, no it was the complete opposite. We all decided that we should relax since it was the last day of Oregon. But of course we decided to go get breakfast outside instead of in the hotel. We went to a cafe called, “Studio One Cafe”, which had very nice employees and amazing and delicious food. I just ended up getting chocolate pancakes and eating about half of it since it was so big. After that, we decided to go to a park, however when we went there, the park looked pretty dead and there wasn’t much you could do. So we ditched that park and decided to go to another one.

This park was pretty, and was very woodsy. When we went there, there were many people who were having picnics, but me and my family just did whatever we wanted to. There was even a swing set that I had a marvelous time on. We even got to see many dogs, and my dog had fun sniffing everything from the ground and the trees. But then, when she came back, we saw that she was super dirty. She was covered in dirt, grass, and something that my family and I thought was tree sap. We soon went back and I just hung out in the hotel with my dad and my dog. My sister and mom decided to go around the city and they soon came back…then they left to walk to the University of Oregon and now they just showed up. I have had a fun time in Oregon, and I am excited for our next vacation.


One thought on “25/365 Oregon Trip Day 4

  1. Tree sap? May be scientists might recreate a jumbo version of Reyna like they did in Jurassic Park! And you could call her T-Rey 🐕‍🦺

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