23/365 Oregon Trip Day 2

This day was a casual day but stuff did happen. First of all, we all woke up and we were thinking of what we were going to do today. We decided to go to South Falls, which of course meant that we were going to see some water falls. I ate some pancakes for breakfast, and then started to get ready for the drive to South Falls. The drive to South Falls was really casual with nothing much happening. But we did see a lot of farms and little dust twisters. I was listening to a bunch of music and songs because there was no service.

While we were driving, we saw a bunch of Christmas Trees lined up, we passed an entire Christmas Tree farm and it looked amazing. Soon we made it to our destination. I was checking on what kind of animals you could find on the trail, and apparently, you could find owls, black bears, flying squirrels and songbirds. We found the map and decided to drive instead of walking our way to the waterfall. We went to the waterfall and it was really pretty and amazing. Then it was time to go back to the hotel. As we were driving, we saw more of those little dust tornados, that was when I was starting to wonder if there will be tornados around but there wasn’t any so that was a relief. We then went to get some lunch from McDonalds. Then we went home and I am writing this post. This post was short because we didn’t really do a lot for this day. Next day will be interesting, so I will keep you all updated.


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