6/365 My Santa Cruz Trip

My sister is going to leave for college soon and we wanted to see the house that she would be staying at. So we all went to Santa Cruz to see the house. The drive to Santa Cruz was long so I listened to a lot of songs on my phone. When we got to Santa Cruz, we all felt hungry so we all wanted to decide on where to eat, which was really hard because some of them were already closed. We soon went to a nice and delicious bbq shack. The food was really good and I really enjoyed. After that, we went to my sister’s new house for college. It looks really new and nice. After sometime, we all felt hot and we decided to get some yummy ice cream. The ice cream was really tasty since it was made in real farms. The Santa Cruz Trip was amazing and it was fun to see the campus of the college that my sister will soon go to. Santa Cruz is super beautiful and it was cool to walk around Santa Cruz and see all of cool stores they had. I will like to go to Santa Cruz again, I totally recommend it.


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