43/365 Summer review

Since tomorrow is my first day of school, I decided to do a little summer review. This summer was pretty fun, and here’s why. First off, when the summer started, I graduated from middle school which meant that I was moving up the ranks of schools. This was also the time where I was free, but I also had to do some work so I don’t turn dumb in the summer. I started to try drawing using codes, and it was nice, until I decided to get back into animation. I started to read books for the summer and my family was also planning for our next summer trip. We decided to go to Oregon, and I already told you guys about that trip. For this month, I was just preparing for school since they start school early. After some time, we went for a back to school shopping spree and get new clothes. Now that I have a map of the entire school, I think I’m ready to say that I’m ready to put summer to an end. This summer has been really fun and I hope you all had a great summer too!