29/365 Stage Fright

Stage Fright is a common fear for anyone who enjoys performances. All performers have had stage fright before, our moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, sisters, brothers, even our ancestors! And if you say that you have never had stage fright, then you’ve probably never been on a stage before, but I have! I remember the first time I had stage fright was when I was gonna sing for my talent show. There were two times when I went to the talent show but I will tell only one of them. This was when I was probably around 7 or 8 years old at the time, and I decided to sign up for my schools’ talent show. This time I wanted to perform, and sing for an audience. The auditions went fine and I was singing my song, which was Out of the Woods. All was going well, then the big day rolled around.

Now, at first, I wasn’t too nervous to go on stage, in fact, I was excited! I was excited to showcase my singing to everyone’s parents in the cafeteria. First the little kids went, and that is where I came, I was on the stairs, ready to go on stage. However, the realization of knowing that I was gonna perform on a big stage, in front of many people, and knowing that I was nervous. I started to get emotional and scared, one person knew that I looked like a mess and was trying to console me, soon my mom and some of my friends came over to comfort me. Everyone one around was telling me that I could do it and some were saying if I wanted to quit, but I decided that it was too late to turn around, so I got up on stage, took a deep breath, and sang my song. While I was singing, I looked around that crowd and saw that everyone was clapping and even lip syncing with the song, and I was happy. There will always be those times when you feel scared of doing something, one of them could be performing on stage or scared of doing something brand new. Even before the performance I was always self-conscious about performing in front of people, but after seeing everyone else do it and seeing myself doing it, I saw that, sometimes you just need to take a breath and let it go.

28/365 My performance at the STEAM Festival

There were was a time back in the summer of 2019 when I performed at the STEAM Festival. STEAM stands for, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. It all started when my dad found out about the STEAM Festival, and decided to take me and my mom there. It was actually really amazing and really cool. We go to see a bunch of antiques and lots of ornaments. We even got to see someone using dry ice to make bubbles. It was really amazing and we even decided to get some shirts from the store. But one thing that happened, was that right next to the shop, was a little stage. There was a sign that said that there will be a ventriloquist act, and of course, I wanted to watch it. However, it was playing the next day, so we decided to come on that day. We then saw the host of the talent show walking around and talking to people. My dad, out of nowhere, just went up to the guy and told him that I do ventriloquism and even showed some of my YouTube videos. I was a little confused, until the host walked up to me and asked if I would like to perform for the talent show for the next day. I was surprised because, I never thought that someone, who I didn’t even know, would actually propose me to perform at their talent show. So of course I said yes, and I was so happy and excited.

The next day rolls around, and I brought my puppet Sam along so he can charm the audience. But let me you something, I didn’t get any sort of script ready. I didn’t practice anything or planned any sort of script or act, this was completely on the spot. I have this habit where I don’t write any sort of script or practice my act, I would just do it on the spot and hope for the best. Many people might say it’s dumb, but I disagree, this is actually a really funny and much more fun way of entertaining the guests. Something that I always do is that I look around the room or the place that I am performing at, and I would make jokes and entertain people using what is around me for jokes and entertainment. It’s more fun for the audience and for yourself. But back to the story, we arrived to the stage and we even got to see other acts. One performer played a song with their guitar and harmonica, and it was really amazing. After that performance, I was ready to do my act, however, this was the first time I came unprepared for a performance. I know, great job past Rahi, great job, but I didn’t know better at that time. Anyway I was doing my performance and I saw my dad signaling me to stop, it was then that I realized…I might’ve gone for too long. I ended the performance awkwardly and just ran off the stage. Even though my performance was so long, I was still happy that I did my first ever performance at a public event! People gave me compliments and said that I was amazing. I was happy that they all liked my act so that’s why kids, teens, adults, and everyone else, you all should strive for your goals and dreams.