81/365 Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Being 14 and being in high school, I still like Halloween. I like the costumes, the decorations, and of course candy. I still remember one Halloween, where I ate too much candy and in the morning, I cried and said that my stomach hurts. Well actually, I was probably 7, so I instead said, “My tummy hurts” and thus my parents treated my tummy and it was a nice day. Well, another thing I want to talk about are the costumes. I have worn the same Pikachu costume for 2-3 years. There was one point where I dressed up as a character in Pokemon named Ash, and another time where I became a minion. I was a lot of characters like Harry Potter, and also a zombie. This year, I am being someone named, “Alice Angel”. However, this name doesn’t stick with me, so we are going to change it to Andrew Angel. (Why does that sound like a Twilight name?). I have been Trick or Treating for about 7 years now and I don’t do it anymore because of two reasons. One which is the obvious choice, the pandemic is still going on. Two, society might judge a 14 year old wearing a mediocre costume trying to ask for free candy. Plus, I have money now, so I can buy my own candy. Take that to those people that put bowls outside that says, “Take one piece of candy” I now can buy a whole bag of M&Ms.

Another thing that is common for Halloween is the spooky ghost stories. I’ve never been a fan of scary stories or horror related stuff, but I did hear this one ghost story that is amazing. I’ll tell you this story right now.

Once upon a time, there was a musician that lived with his daughter. The musician wished for riches and wealth to be bestowed upon him and his daughter. He pondered, and pondered, and pondered. Until, he went to Satan, the devil himself. The musician told Satan his wish and asked if he could grant that wish. Satan agreed, but warned that the cost would be his very soul, and the result of the wish, may not be what the musician desired. The musician was desperate, and ignored the warning. Satan, taking control of the musicians’ soul, granted the wish. Very soon, the musician will play his instruments, while his daughter would dance and sing. They would play at large crowds, and many people knew the daughter. They would cheer her name, and throw coins at her feet. Soon, the musician and the daughter grew famous and rich, that they were able to play at festivals, and even for royals. The musician was very classy and hung out with all of the famous musicians, but even that was enough. He grew bitter, and realized that the attention wasn’t on him, it was on his daughter, and he grew jealous. “For this, I gave up my very own soul?! HOW CAN IT BE?!”, he cried. He wished that he could go back in time to before he told Satan to help him. Feeling hopeless, the musician called Satan again and asked for help. Satan replied, that in order for the musician to get his fame, he must kill his daughter. The musician, who’s soul was blinded in darkness, agreed. However, little did the musician and Satan know, the daughter heard the wicked scheme. She decided to run for her life, and fled to a place where no one knew her name, or face. The musician traveled for many years trying to find his daughter, he was a walking monster. He soon died from old age, but his spirit, still lingers around the world, trying to find his daughter. They say that when you walk alone, and you hear a second set of footsteps, be careful. Because the mad musician, might get you. I hope you enjoyed that spooky tale, I’ll see you guys later, bye!


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