79/365 Learning how to cook

Cooking feels hard. I have never cooked in my entire life, I’ve only ever baked. And even then, there have been times where total chaos can happen. My parents haven’t taught me how to cook, until now. I have a Health class assignment where we have to cook a nutritious meal for our family. However, I have no experience, with learning how to cook. I have flipped chapatis, but that isn’t going to help with making a full course meal. My parents are definitely the opposite, they can cook curries, vegetables and they are very talented. When I told them about this they said, “This shouldn’t be too hard, we can do this.” Only problem was that, my teacher wants us to put portions, how many calories, grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein are in each food. And I couldn’t just scan the nutrition facts, because my parents didn’t show me. So, I am currently, kinda, almost, sort-of, maybe, done with the meal.

But, we are making the beef curry, and I have to write this post for my weekly writing. There were somethings that I got to do. Like plucking stems from the methi leaves and washing them. I also got to chop potatoes, chop onions, saute the potatoes with the onions, methi leaves, and the spices. After sometime, which is right now, we are making the beef curry, however, my dad is mostly doing it because I have to write this post. Making a meal seems hard and boring, but it is actually fun. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to check the beef curry to make sure it doesn’t burn and cause a fire in the house. Bye!


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