76/365 Week review

My week was pretty good. I mean, minus the tests and quizzes that I had to take, it was still a pretty good week. For my English class, we have an ORB also known as an Outside Reading Book, and we have to do a book talk. And I am not nearly done with my book. And I am panicking, I am someone who doesn’t like reading. But I guess writing is better. The only books I enjoy are from authors that I actually like. For instance Harry Potter, it is a really good series and even has 7…or I mean, 8 movies. Another author that I like is called, TheOdd1sOut and I have two of his books. He is a story-time animator on Youtube. So please go check him out. Another thing I want to tell you guys is that I am actually almost done with rehearsing the play. We are going to rehearse the last scene on Monday, and, oh. my. god. It feels so weird to finish rehearsing the play in a couple months. This week has been pretty great. The only con was all of the tests and quizzes I had to take, it is so annoying when you wake up on Monday and you think, “Ah, yes, this week is going to be a blast”. Yeah, that was the complete opposite for me. When I woke up last Monday, all I could think about was that I had a test. I don’t like tests, no one does. That is just a universal fact that no one likes quizzes or tests. However, for my math class, we have quizzes every 2-3 weeks. A fact about high school is that some teachers love giving students a lot of homework, tests, quizzes and nights where students wish that they had a different teacher that was more chill. But overall, it was a good week, I hope this week is much, much better!


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