48/365 What is something I dislike about myself

Being a procrastinator is one of the worst things ever. You see, there is a certain stage in life where kids turn into procrastinators. I procrastinate a lot in school. Now, even though procrastinating might seem relaxing, it’s actually more stressful. Procrastinating on homework or a big project is something you don’t really want to do. I’m not gonna lie, being a procrastinator is really hard, sometimes you have some work you have to do when you look on YouTube and see a dog trying to play a trumpet, your mind wants to focus on the assignment, but your body wants to be distracted. Next thing you know, you have been watching YouTube for 6 straight hours and your parents are mad.

Procrastinating is a huge part in teenagers’ life. According to the internet, 86% of high schoolers say that they procrastinate on assignments. And guess what, that number rises when people go off to college. Going to college is the time when people start looking for the real world, but they also procrastinate! Procrastination is widespread and I think the main reason why is because these people know that they have to do an assignment, but they think that they can do it later and that they can do a little relaxation. Trust me, I have been there before. I would be relaxing for so long until it’s night time and I remember that I haven’t even written my essay. Being a procrastinator is one thing I dislike about myself.


2 thoughts on “48/365 What is something I dislike about myself

  1. Well written… Sometime Procrastination happens because we prioritize what is important for us. May be looking at what our priorities are more closely might help. Loved the narration. Another technique is if you find that it is the same thing you procrastinate then you can try to find why that is happening. There are things that we have to do and things we don’t have to do. there are also things we like to do and things we do not like to do. Believe me procrastination is also a big thing with adults 🙂

  2. Well, procrastination also teaches you a new skill : how to plan things backwards. So you decide the absolute last moment to complete your work and plan things backward. This skill also helps you to prioritize things so you can decide what needs to be done with higher importance, yet finish all your works on time. Nevertheless, most certainly procrastination is something not to fall prey to. There are also some people who do things on time, and spend all the remaining time perfecting what they completed.

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