47/365 Harry Potter is a wizard fantasy that I want to be in

How would you guys like to be part of an amazing fantasy land where you can learn a bunch of spells as well as having a pet owl? Do you want to eat at the banquet table where the candles are floating in mid-air and the food appears on command? Well then, you try going to Hogwarts, call this number to get into the school for next fall! Ok, actually, Harry Potter will be an amazing fantasy land to live in. Now, I know, I am a human and not many humans can go into a fantasy land. Try saying that to the show called, The Owl House! A human, going into a fantasy land, and now we have a story. Harry Potter is filled with wizards, magic, owls, frogs, cats, dragons, and an entire school that looks like a royal castle, who wouldn’t want to learn in a school like that?

Harry Potter also has magic food! They have chocolate frogs that actually move, jelly beans that are basically bamboozles where you can roar like a lion. Also, you can learn a billion, if not a zillion different spells, that can save your life. Say if you are trapped in a room and doors and windows were locked, you could use a spell to unlock the windows, and hop out. It’s literally fool proof! Also, you can try butter beer, and before you all say that it’s an alcoholic drink, it’s not, it’s root beer. And it is so good, and the Universal Studios ride for Harry Potter was also very fun! So why not give wizardry a try? You might like it, you might not, but just remember this one thing…we all are wizards inside.


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