46/365 I just saw one of the best animated, musical movies in the world!

The Loud House Movie, is one of the best animated movies in 2021. Now if I told this to my family, they would say that I say that for every new animated movie, but I will have to disagree for this movie. This movie had amazing animations, songs, and the story plot is amazing! This is the first movie for the Nickelodeon series called the Loud House. You guys might be wondering what the Loud House is, well I won’t spoil it for all you, so I will tell you the summary. In one big house, there is one boy, ten sisters, and many pets, and of course two parents. They go on adventures and all of that kind of stuff. This movie is probably one of the biggest achievements for the series. Here are my reasons why I think this movie deserves an Oscar. Yes, you heard me right, and Oscar.

Reason 1: The songs are so catchy!

The songwriters and singers really outdid themselves. The songs in this are so full of meaning and are also super catchy. The songs also explain a lot about what the characters are feeling and how their personality is. The songs ares also super catchy, and I would love to listen to them all the time.

Reason 2: The animation is super crisp and new!

The animation is super crisp, and super realistic. For many cartoons, it’s really obvious to see that the cartoons are 2-D, but for this movie, they made the animation look like a mix of 2-D and 3-D. The shading, lighting, and movements are amazing and new.

Reason 3: The story plot will get you hooked!

The story plot is so interesting and is very funny. And imagine going on a big adventure with 13 people in 1 big family, sounds chaotic, funny, and fun. These reasons are pretty short but I think the story plot is amazing. See the story is that, [SPOILERS!!!!!] and it is so amazing, This movie deserves 100% rotten tomatoes and an Oscar, even better, 2 Oscars!.


One thought on “46/365 I just saw one of the best animated, musical movies in the world!

  1. Saw the trailer now and found that the movie is available on Netflix. Will try to watch it with Amna later today. Thanks for the recommendation.

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