36/365 What it’s like to be a teen

Being a teen can be stressful. You’re going through puberty, feeling insecure and you’re still trying to find who you really are. As a teen, I can say that being a teen, is pretty stressful. I know adult life sounds more stressful but I can say that teenage life is as stressful as adults…ok, fine maybe just a little less stressful. One thing about being a teen is that you are constantly trying to impress people. Impressing people is alright, it’s alright if you’re being yourself, it’s not alright if you’re trying to impress people by changing yourself. When you’re a teen, people go to a phase where they think they have to look cool in order to make friends. And frankly speaking, if you’re one of those people who thinks that you should be mean to be cool, that is a total lie. Being mean, doesn’t make you cool, it makes you more lonely in life. You see everyone, being mean, isn’t the key for everything. You will only look cool in other people’s vision if you be yourself. Teenagers are all pretty insecure with how they feel when they start middle school and high school. You might feel like you have to do what other people do in order to make friends, and everyone goes through this. I am 14 and I still watch a lot of animations and cartoons, some people my age might be watching movies that teenagers watch. But it’s all about being unique and being yourself.

Since that paragraph was kind of a heart-felt topic, let’s get into some comedy. Learning how to drive, is always pretty scary. Teenagers who are in their early teenager years, might be thinking about driving. Also, turns out that it’s totally ok if you don’t want to take the driving test. I didn’t even know that was an option from the start. Getting a drivers license seems like a big deal for teenagers, even though it’s just learning how to drive a piece of metal that moves. Another thing about being a teenager is going to middle school and high school. For anyone and everyone, moving into a new school is very scary, but it might be more scary for teens since they all are still finding who they are and we all still act a bit childish. Being teen isn’t all bad, you can finally have privileges that you weren’t allowed to have when you were a kid. In conclusion, being a teen is pretty crazy.

P.S. I didn’t put up a picture since I couldn’t find one. 😀


2 thoughts on “36/365 What it’s like to be a teen

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  2. I totally understand you Rahi, and I believe getting through teenage is more challenging than adulthood. We end up saying and doing things due to hormonal imbalances and later regret over it. Like you rightly said, there’s no need to impress anyone, and just be yourself and keep loving your family. This focus can make teenage easy for you to pass. My child, Amna turned 12 this year, and as a parent, I am readying myself to expect the unexpected in coming years. But just like you, she is also in to cartoons like “my little pony” and even “peppa pig” even though she knows kids of her age watch more serious stuff. I hope she will also be able to pass through her teen years without much stress or anxiety.

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