35/365 Learning Musical Instruments

I really like music and singing. Ever since I started singing, my parents decided that I should try out a musical instrument. The first instrument that I tried playing was a piano, for this instrument I actually went to a class to learn how to play piano and I had to learn about musical notes. Now that I think about it, I have no idea about the musical notes. I practiced piano for sometime, until I eventually got bored of it and turned to guitar. Now, I still do guitar and I’m kinda enjoying it, but before it wasn’t like that.

When I started guitar, I did classes with one person, and was enjoying it. I was starting to learn many chords, but then I grew distant to it, and I eventually stopped playing it. After sometime, I started getting into mythology and then I grew an interest in the flute. The character Krishna actually inspired me to get into flute so…yeah. I told my mom if she could buy me a flute and she said yes, then she showed me two flutes. I chose the wooden one since it looked easier than the other flute. But then I blew into it, it gave out a gross note, I blew into it again, and then I realized that it was a recorder. No, I didn’t try to learn this since I don’t like recorders in my opinion. Now, I am getting back at guitar and playing it with my mom, and now I am kinda starting to link onto the piano.


One thought on “35/365 Learning Musical Instruments

  1. I like guitars, coz you can carry it wherever you go, doesn’t need electricity, and adds life to whatever you hum or sing. Amna has a guitar as well, but she hasn’t spent time to learn it. However, she did take some effort and learnt to strum happy birthday on it as a surprise for one of my birthdays…

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