34/365 I went to a party

I went to a party. Yep, that’s all. Thanks for reading this post…ok, I’m kidding. I did go to a party, so I decided to write about it. When we went to the house, we met the hosts of the party and we met the other guests. For a long time, I was the only kid at the party. I was bored, but I got to play some games, and then later on, I saw that there was a bean bag tossing game, so I went to join in. That was when I got to meet some new friends. One of the host sang the American national anthem and more songs. After some time, we got some food which was really good and I talked with my new friends and we all decided to go to the game room.

In the game room, there were many arcade games like ping ball, a boat racing game, and air hockey. Me and others came in and played and had fun with everyone. We even got to see the Angry Birds movie, and it was hilarious. After that, the adults sang some karaoke and danced. Now, one thing you should know about me, I am not a dancing person. I don’t really like to dance because I have something that I will call, “Not wanting to dance because I am self-conscious and I don’t want to look like a fool dancing”…and then someone made me dance. The party was super fun and I had fun with all of the people at the party.


One thought on “34/365 I went to a party

  1. I can’t sing nor dance either. Sometimes my family encourages me to sing or dance so that they can have a good laugh. I would happily do that if its for my wife and Amna only! And when I do, DISCO is my specialty… Jimmy Jimmy aajaa…🕺

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