30/365 My India Trip Memories

I have been to India about 4 times and I always have a blast with my family. And it’s always sad when we have to leave. I actually cried when we had to leave India, that is how much fun I had with them. It’s always nice to see my family in India and I always have a fun time. So that’s why, I have some memories to share with you all, so sit tight and let us get into the memories.

The second time that I went to India, I was super into Hindu mythology and reading all of stories. I just found them so interesting and I wanted to see some temples. My grandparents took me to all of these temples, and I was basically the happiest tourist ever! I saw sculptures, shrines, statues, and many pieces of art. I even got to see an elephant!

Another memory that I had was that, I got to play with some of my cousins’ friends. I was really happy to play with my cousins’ friends since they all were really cool. We all played video games, and joked around and had lots of fun. We even would play basketball. Now, I know I stated in my Sports post that I didn’t really liked basketball…but this is different, and this time it’s fun, I guess. I remember one time, we were playing football, and none of us wanted to play except for one person. You might be asking why we didn’t want to play football, it was because there were tons of bugs and mosquitos, but we played anyway and it was great.

And of course, another that I keep remembering, is that I always take souvenirs from India, back home. I literally have millions of souvenirs from India, like sculptures of people from mythology or even mythology books. I have always loved India and I love visiting my family there and seeing how they all are doing. Hopefully soon, when the global pandemic, learns how to chill, I would be able to see them again and have a great time.


One thought on “30/365 My India Trip Memories

  1. Rahi, have you read “Amar Chitra Katha” books? Those were really cool books from our times and they are available as ebooks online now. Oh, and about mosquitoes: there was once when I asked Amna, “What is the national bird of India?”, and she replied, “… must be mosquitoes” 🤣🤣🤣. She was pretty serious about her answer coz that’s the most common flying thing she saw there during our vacation.

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