27/365 Hoot Book Review

Hoot is a book by author, Carl Hiaasen and was published in 2002. This book is a novel and it has a really good moral. But, before I review this book, I want all of you that are reading this post, to go and read Hoot and see what you think of it. I’ll wait…ok, now that you’ve came back, let me review this book. I read this book when I was probably 13 years old. Hoot is a book about these 3 kids who are trying to save a flock of owls. Now, of course I won’t spoil the book for all of you since I do think that you guys should read this, and here are my reasons why.

Reason #1: It talks about a good cause

Hoot, is about saving owls which is really life changing. In the real world, there are many animals who have to leave their homes or are endangered right now because of hunters and big buildings that are on animals’ habitats. There are many animals that are endangered, so according to the internet, it says that the animals are, Javan Rhinocerous, Vaquita, Mountain Gorilla, Tiger, Asian Elephant, Orangutan, Leather Back Turtles and so much more. This book is showing young readers and other people, that we should save animals because they deserve to live just like us. This book is very educational and adventurous, wait, I just said one of my other reasons!

Reason #2: This book is full of adventure and is very funny

This book is full of adventure and it also makes you feel that emotion, that emotion, as if you are in the book. The book is so real, that it fills you up with that emotion which fills you up with excitement, which makes you feel happy which makes you…well…happy. This book is really interesting and it is also super funny, like I still remember this thing that happened in the book you see, what happened was-[SPOILER], and that made me giggle and laugh. This book is really good for any age around 9 years and older.

And that was my review for the book, Hoot. I hope you guys enjoyed this book review, and if you want to read the book…then you should because it is an amazing book. Carl Hiaasen has many other books like Chomp, Flush, Scat, and more! So you all should read those books, they will really fill you with excitement and will make you feel really happy.


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