19/365 Super Smash Bros is the ultimate fighting game.

Super Smash Bros is a very popular fighting game for all ages and it contains all of your favorite cartoon and game characters. The original Smash Bros was made in 1999 and was very popular. Super Smash Bros is on every gaming console and it is a very fun game to play. But something that I have learned is that games change and Smash Bros has changed for the better. Here are two reasons why i think that Super Smash Bros is the best fighting game in history.

#1: You can put all of your anger in battles.

Since Smash Bros is a fighting game, if you were angry at someone then you could take all of your anger on the game and beat your rivals. Let me set a scenario, you are at school and someone came up to you and started making fun of your food, you ignore it and just kept on eating, but then the bully comments you about something harmful, you get enraged but you don’t want to make a scene at school, so what do you do? Go on Smash Bros and beat people up to drain your anger and stress. And to make it better, if you ever compete with the bully, you can show them who’s boss.

#2: You can call yourself the master of whatever characterIn Super Smash Bros, there are many characters that you might really like and would want to battle with them. And if you keep battling using that specific character, then you can maybe call yourself the master of the character. For me, I always battle with the character Pikachu. Since I have been playing as Pikachu for so long, I have been calling myself the Pikachu Master. Of course there are actual skilled players that are better playing Pikachu than me. Super Smash Bros has been growing and is always one of my most favorite fighting games in history. Smash Bros is very popular and I am excited for what comes in the future for the game.


One thought on “19/365 Super Smash Bros is the ultimate fighting game.

  1. They might make fun of your food, but wait until they take a bite of it. And then bullying might change to friendship. Amna once was made fun for taking fried idlis to school, but later they took a bite of it, and next thing Amna knew was that her tiffin became empty in no time.

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