18/365 Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters are very dangerous and also very powerful. I have never been in any situations where it involved any natural disaster but I have heard about how to stay safe from these kinds of disasters. I have heard about many natural disasters like tornadoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. In this blog, I thought that I could tell you guys how to stay safe from these disasters if you ever find yourself in that kind of situation. I mean, you could go to a reasonable website and find information there, but I mean who wants to do that nowadays, am I right? Anyway, I will be going through these disasters one by one.

#1: Tornadoes

Tornadoes are big funnels of wind that come from the sky. This funnel can destroy many homes, buildings and other places. The thing about tornadoes is that their wind power is super strong, that they will suck and rip up anything and anyone in their way. However, tornadoes usually come through flat land and no where near hills. If you are at your house, you should stay away from windows and doors. You should go down to the lowest place in your house which maybe is a basement. If you don’t have a basement, you can always go to your closet or a bathroom. If you are outside then you might want to find a ditch and you should cover your head with your hands, as well as providing some cushion with a pillow or a blanket. Never try to outrun a tornado because you will get sucked up, and tornadoes are much faster than your Tesla. Some signs that tornado might come are, keep watch for severe thunderstorms, if you see a funnel being formed, and of course if the weather channel says itself.

#2: Tsunamis

Tsunami, if you don’t know, are big waves that are caused by many things like underwater volcanoes, landslides, and earthquakes. Tsunami are very dangerous and can drown as well as destroy many buildings. On March 11th, 2011, a tsunami hit the nuclear power plant which created a gas that killed many people. One thing that is important is that tsunamis are big walls of water coming full speed to the shore. One thing that you guys should know, is that since the tsunami’s is pretty high up but it isn’t really high, so you must get to the highest place you know for shelter. You shouldn’t drive since you should leave roads for officers, medical people and other authorities. Some signs that a tsunami might be coming are, a strong earthquake, that might make it hard to stand, or if the water suddenly retreats back to the ocean, and even a loud ocean roar.

#3: Hurricanes

Hurricanes are huge spirals of wind, rain and floods. Hurricanes are extremely dangerous and create big floods that can take objects and even people with it. Hurricanes are apparently so popular that they even have names. But of course it’s for people to remember how deadly those hurricanes were. Hurricanes don’t only bring heavy rain but they also bring storm surges and even tornadoes. Floods can rise to very high levels and can drown many people. To stay safe, you should stay inside and stay away from windows. You should go to someplace like a closet or a bathroom and stay there until the storm has cleared and you can go outside. Some signs that a hurricane might come are, heavier rain fall, wind speeds increasing, and the increase in sea levels.

It is important to also plan a family safety kit and guide if any of these disasters happen. Sometimes it is uncommon for these disasters to happen, but that doesn’t me that they will never happen. It is important to stay safe as well to stay cautious. It is good that we have the internet to know about all of this information that could save someone’s life.


One thought on “18/365 Natural Disasters

  1. Thanks for the useful information. Some of these phenomenon have different names depending on which part of the world you live in. And then, there are several other disasters that are specific to some geographies.

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