17/365 Anime is ok I guess

Anime is a realistic cartoon that is seen by many people around the world. Many people in my generation all of a sudden started to watch a lot of anime and they keep on saying how amazing it is and how it is life changing. Ok, that last part was a lie, but a lot of people all of a sudden started to watch and talk more about anime. As for me, I have never really seen much of anime shows or movies. Yet the only anime I have ever watched was Pokemon, and that to everyone else is so bland and basic. It’s basically like someone saying that they like plain vanilla ice cream while everyone else is eating big, extravagant ice creams. I never tried to watch any new anime shows or get into other shows because I have never grown an interest to it. There are many anime shows that I could be watching instead of sticking with Pokemon, but I am someone who never grows out of old childhood TV shows. If anyone that I know starts up a conversation about anime, I would never be able to say anything else since I never watched the other anime shows that they watch.

And another thing that I realized is that, if there is a show, brand, or anything that is getting popular, people will assume that you have watched the show. And if you say no, then you are immediately labeled as that one person who didn’t watch the most popular show in 2018. A good example is the show, Avatar The Last Airbender. Avatar The Last Airbender soon became a trend and everyone watched it and were falling in love with it. I never found any interest in the anime so I just decided not to watch it. After some time, one of my friends told me that I should watch Avatar The Last Airbender. I said no because I wasn’t really feeling like watching the huge anime at the time. So for now, I will stick my Pokemon and my adorable little Pikachu. So what if you don’t want to watch a huge show that everyone else watches, that just shows how unique you are!


One thought on “17/365 Anime is ok I guess

  1. True! It’s better to watch stuff you enjoy rather than forcefully watching stuff just to be part of the crowd (zombies). The last time I did something similar was when I watched Money Heist. It was gripping ofcourse and I managed to finish Season 1, but never bothered to watch the subsequent seasons.

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