13/365 Hiking…I don’t like it

Hiking is said to be very calming as well as enjoyable. But for me it is just tiring. I am someone who doesn’t like to go out on hikes, main reason why is because I don’t like it when I have to go up hill. Going up hill is really hard and is can take a lot of my energy. I started hiking with my sister, her friend and my mom. We all would go on 4 mile, 5 mile or 6 mile hikes. I would always be the person who was behind and keeping everyone from finishing. I have never liked hikes and I have never enjoyed them, and there are three reasons for that.

The first reason is up and down hills. I do not like hills that go up or down. Now I am not talking about every hill, I am talking about the ones that are super steep. I feel like we all can relate that steep hills aren’t our forte. It might be for some people but for me, it is really hard to walk up very steep hills. And another thing that I don’t get is that everyone else can climb up and and down hills with no problem, and then there’s me…basically just someone who was about to faint.

The second reason is the heat. Sometimes if you go on hikes, you might be going on the day that the sun decides to make everyone suffer under its intense heat. I would always feel the heat just weighing on top of my head and it is not fun. Now, you might be thinking why I didn’t bring something to cool me off, it’s because hats don’t really keep you cooled off. In fact, it makes you feel even more hotter.

The third and final reason is that everyone is much more faster than me. I am a slow walker and everyone else are much faster than me. I have never finished a hike where I was in the front. I was always the last one. Since I have always been a slow walker, everyone will end up waiting on me since they were like 10 meters away from me. I would always try to catch up but by walking faster, I lose more energy and I would eventually breath more faster because I was so tired from walking up very steep hills.

From those hikes, I have learned that I don’t have to be at the same pace. I would always try to catch up with the others. I have seen other people walking and sometimes I feel if they were judging me for being so slow, so I would always walk faster. But now I know that I can take my time and do it in my own speed. Do things at your own pace, you might be slower than the others, but you shouldn’t push yourself to the limit.


3 thoughts on “13/365 Hiking…I don’t like it

  1. Rahi, yes sometimes things can be harder and challenging but what makes it fun is when you don’t take that as a task. Enjoy the nature around you and you will find these hikes like a breeze 😉 Good Luck buddy!

  2. Your father is a beloved person who has influenced millions of people with his writing and social media involvement.
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  3. Don’t worry about being a slow hiker. Being slow simply means that you enjoy and cherish more of things around you than those brisk hikers. I love hiking, but here in UAE, it’s hard to hike as most of the year, its scorching hot. Also I like to hike only if I have different routes each time. So basically I am close to hitting the 90kg mark on the weigh scale. 😊

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