9/365 I am going to High School!!!

So it’s official, I am now a freshmen in high school. I never thought that I would get into high school this quick and I almost felt as if I jumped a few years. I always thought that high school was that time where people became more meaner and more adventurous or something. I have no idea what to expect in high school, all I know is that I will get extra homework on the weekends. At least that’s what my sister told me. I also thought that high school was when kids were basically grown ups and are basically free to do whatever they want. But my parents found a school that was perfect for me, just absolutely perfect. Reason why was because it has one of the best art departments for high schools near me. Me, being the art nerd that I am, couldn’t think of another high school that revolves over art. I have always had a love for the performing and regular arts and this school had everything.

One thing that I realized is in high school, are the popular kids. I know that every school has its fair share of popular kids. I always would stay away from them since they all aren’t good friends to be around. Another thing that i found was that there was prom. Now, if any high schoolers are reading this right now, I just want to say that I don’t like it when you have to ask someone out to prom. Now that’s tough already because what if you don’t like anyone and what if you get rejected in front of everyone, or what if they already asked someone to go with them and that person said yes? Things can go really wrong when asking someone out for prom.

I honestly am excited for high school. The school already has some of the same interest as I do and they encourage people to get creative with art and performing arts. One other thing that I heard was that they didn’t have a class or any lesson for ventriloquism, which meant that I will be bringing ventriloquism, into the school! That is mind blowing as well as empowering, you feel confident when you bring something new in another environment. I actually think I am going to like high school.


One thought on “9/365 I am going to High School!!!

  1. Wow that’s cool! Rahi Vinod – the one and only ventriloquist in the whole school. I guess you would leave beind that legacy for others to nurture at this school.

    PS: Trust me, by being the only ventriloquist in school, finding your partner for the prom will be easy job, unless Sam decides to pester you.

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