8/365 What do you want to be when you grow up?

We all have been asked that question, “What do you want to be when you grow up.” For me, I was looking back at the kind of careers that I wanted to have in the future and I came across a lot of stuff that I wanted to be. Here is a list of the careers that I wanted to have when I become an adult. By the way, some of the careers I wanted to have, I wasn’t so serious with some of them. Also these won’t be in any order from age or grade level.

#1: Cowboy Astronaut

Ok, let me explain. This was when I was in pre-school and my sister told me to say that. When I thought about the idea of being a cowboy astronaut, I felt like it was really cool and that I would really like that. I didn’t even think to ask my parents or anyone if it was even an actual thing. Also, I would like to add that this happened during my pre-school graduation, and when I went up and they asked me what I wanted to be, I opened my mouth and said, “A cowboy astronaut”. The teachers definitely thought I was weird and even the person who asked me the question just stayed silent before saying thank you. Everyone else was silent too and it felt pretty embarrassing. Thinking about it now, I don’t even know what a cowboy astronaut would do, I think they lasso stars and planets.

#2: A Firefighter

This one I wasn’t very serious but I felt like it could be amazing. I mean just think about it, driving the fire truck and putting out fires and saving millions of people? That would be amazing! I already know how to survive a fire if the fire gets on your clothes. I didn’t know much about firefighters, I didn’t know much about their fire truck, their hose, how to even use the hose but I still felt that I could maybe make it my career choice. Of course I grew out of that pretty quickly.

#3: A Meteorologist

Ever since I was 7, I had an interest on knowing how natural disasters form and how to stay safe from them. I was very interested in the concept and the science behind it and it was very interesting. I would watch videos talking about how tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms form, as well as how to stay safe. I was so interested in this kind of content and information that my parents started to think that I might become a meteorologist.

#4: Singer

This is still a career that I want to do because it is really my passion and it’s what I like to do. I have been singing ever since I was 5 i have always loved singing. Since I already liked singing, I was put into singing classes and I always sang at home to get better. I have always wanted to be a singer since elementary school, and I am still going to work up to that goal.

#5: Ventriloquist

I think this one is pretty obvious, but I really want to be a famous singing ventriloquist. If you have seen my post about my ventriloquism journey then you would already know about when I started. I have always wanted to entertain people with my ventriloquism act and show people my talent.

#6: YouTuber

I am already doing that. I started doing YouTube when I was in 4th grade and I never thought that I would keep on making more videos for my channel to interview all of you and to entertain you. I have loved YouTube for the longest time and I always wanted to see how it would be to actually be a YouTuber and how editing the video will go. Long story short, it’s hard.

#7: Animator

Yes, I do want to become an animator, if you have seen my channel, you might’ve seen a video of me being in an animation. I have always loved YouTube animators and storytelling so I felt like animating can’t be that hard right? It is hard but I am pushing through it, I have always wanted to try out making cartoons and I am…getting…semi-better I guess?

Those were the stuff that I wanted to be. But now I am sticking with being a singing ventriloquist. Now I know people have asked this question to you but now I want to know….what do you want to be when you grow up?


One thought on “8/365 What do you want to be when you grow up?

  1. I am already grown up. Teehee… I will turn 42 tomorrow. So wish me HB! But we do discuss this question with Amna at times. Infact it’s her who wants us to answer her based on her interests. We just tell her to keep doing good work and the choice of career can be decided later as we will engage some education consultants who may be able to help coz we are old school guys. Jobs of tomorrow is way different from what we know of. But I like your wild imagination of being a space cowboy!

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