7/365 My playdate with my friend

Ever since quarantine, I would only get to see my friends once in a while. Most of my friends were busy or didn’t feel like hanging out, but on Sunday I went on a playdate with one of my friends. We both love video games and pokemon. When I arrived to their house, we just talked and catch up on what has been happening ever since the last days of school and some parts of the summer. We both played some video games and watched some YouTube videos. After that, we decided to play some minecraft and we both worked on the BEST. ROLLER. COASTER. EVER!!!!!! And we only got like…4% done, but we are making progress. Soon it was lunch time, and my friend and I had some delicious cauliflower crust pizza.

And we also watched the movie, Luca. Of course, I won’t spoil it, but it was funny, heartwarming, and amazing, I totally recommend watching it. After that we decided to go to the park, and we brought a frisbee to play, but, mother nature had other plans. It was pretty windy, which isn’t a good condition to play frisbee. So we both decided to play on the playground, whole we were playing, I saw the most amazing, most exhilarating, most stupendous thing you would ever see in your entire life! A swing set, let me explain. It has been so long since I was on a swing. Ever since quarantine, I haven’t been able to go on another swing…well…until now that is. We swung for sometime and then decided to do a race and I didn’t win but I didn’t care. After that, we walked back to my friends house, and I was picked up. I really enjoyed that playdate. One very important thing that people should know is that, no matter how far apart you are from your friends or family, know that the friendship and love will keep you connected. 🙂


One thought on “7/365 My playdate with my friend

  1. Cauliflower crust pizza? Who eats that kind of stuff? Yuck! Sounds like broccoli… But I know its healthy! Thumbs up to you Rahi for staying healthy! By the way, I read in your previous post about hitting the gym. At what age did you start going to the gym?

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