3/365 My Concert Experiences

For today’s blog post, I want to talk about my concert experiences and how I thought of them. I have only ever been to 3 concerts so far so I might go on another one? Who knows? Anyway, let us start off with the first concert I have ever been to.

This was back when I was in 3rd grade and my sister is a Beyonce fan so she wanted to go to her concert for her birthday. So as a late birthday present, my mom took her…and me to the concert. Now I had no idea who this Beyonce woman was when I was back in 3rd grade, and I only knew like…one song from her so..why would you bring a kid who only knows one song to a ENTIRE concert from that artist. So my sister was jamming to all of the songs, my mom’s recording the performances, and I just watched aimlessly. And another thing you should know is that, this was on a weekday and weekdays aren’t really a good time for me to go to a concert. And I have to sleep at 9:00 PM because, I have school tomorrow and I need my education so I don’t fail in life.

So because of me not having interest in the concert, the concert being on a weekday, and needing to sleep at 9:00 PM…….I slept. BUT not for the entire concert, only for some. I will say that the concert did look cool and all of the performances were really awesome so I can’t say it was all bad. I will give it a 7/10 because I slept through most of the concert.

The next concert that I saw was a Katy Perry concert. I have been a Katy Perry fan ever since I was 6 years old. I have always wanted to go to a Katy Perry concert, and would BEG my parents to let us go. Their answer was always, “We’ll see”, and we never went there until one time in 5th grade. I walked into my moms’ room and saw her buying tickets for a Katy Perry concert. So basically it was a surprise and I was very happy and I was jumpy that day. Then on the day of the concert my family and I went to the stadium. And I was excited to see Katy Perry perform. She performed some songs but I am not those people who will jump up and down from their seats, so I felt calm but I was excited when she wanted volunteers to come up on stage. Yeah, she didn’t pick me, thanks a lot KATY PERRY!!! But overall the concert was amazing and I was glad I got to see the first singer that I grew a liking to in real life! So I will give this concert a 9/10.

Last concert that I went to was back in 6th grade, and this was when Taylor Swift made her new album, “Reputation” and I was obsessed with this album and I, again, begged my parents for tickets. Now, ok, I am a big fan of Taylor Swift and this was one of her best albums so you can’t say that I don’t want to go to that concert. I begged my parents until they finally gave in and got tickets. I was SOOOOO happy and I was on cloud 9. This concert was amazing! When we were entering, they gave us glowing wristbands so that they glow whenever Taylor Swift sings! And Taylor Swift’s singing, the dance crews’ choreography was amazing!!!

Another thing I want to say is that while I was looking at the crowd, there was a glow-up snake slithering it’s way through the crowd and it looked amazing!!!! This concert I will give a 1,000/10 because it was the best ever! This was my favorite concert ever!


One thought on “3/365 My Concert Experiences

  1. Amna too likes Taylor Swift a lot. Once she told me she wanted to write to her and she wrote a letter and we went to the post office and posted it. Only God knows where it went. By the way, does these concerts ever start on time? Over here in UAE, they always start late to increase the hype. Oh, and about picking volunteers to go up on stage, it’s always rigged. They have some in the crowd who they pick. I have experienced this when me and Amna went to Nickelodeon Kids Awards. Later when the show aired on TV, it feels like they picked random kids from the crowd. Showbiz – they know how to make things look interesting on TV!

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