121/365 What is my favorite season?

Ah yes, the most asked question, I think. What is your favorite season? There are only four seasons that you can choose from. You either like winter, fall, spring or summer. Now I actually am indifferent of most of these seasons but I think my tier list from best to worst is probably: Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.

Ok, fall isn’t the worst season but I don’t usually remember any sort of memories or any joy that comes out of this season. Of course there is Thanksgiving and Halloween, but those are pretty much it, and I don’t even care about those holidays as much. I don’t go crazy for Thanksgiving, and I am too old for trick or treating so what’s even the point.

Spring is pretty relaxed and it is pretty to see all of the flowers, that’s all I have to say, nothing much. Summer is also really nice since I get off school and I can go to the beach with my friends. The only downside about summer is of course the humidity.

Finally, my favorite season is winter. Only because of the best holiday ever. Christmas is the best holiday. As soon as winter comes, I am filled with the happiness of Christmas. I turn into the happiest kid ever and I really turn into Santa Claus, but this time, I am Santa Claus that goes to high school. Anyways I wanted to talk about seasons, thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one.


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