117/365 Dreams

Welcome to the comfort of your own bed. Tonight you will be drifted away into a world which is made up by your own imagination. Ok, I basically mean dreams. We all have had dreams before, I remember only a few dreams, so let’s talk about it.

My first dream that I remember having was when one of my after-school teachers in my elementary school was on this interview for this broadcast that talked about animals, in this dream my teacher was talking about how much they loved the outside world and why they loved nature. However, then they all of a sudden gave a warning or a fear that they have to be very quiet whenever they were in the forest. Honestly my little kid brain had no idea what was going on, until my mind came up with this image. It was a boy being tackled by a polar bear and the parents of the boy were chasing after the bear. Also, this polar bear wasn’t in icy land this was in the middle of lush green. I woke before anything else could happen.

The next dream that I had was where I guess my parents and friends, as well as I were trapped in some sort of haunted house that had no escape. While we were looking there was a dog that was in the house, when I went near the dog, it all of a sudden turned into the human, and it said that everything will be fine and that we just needed to find the clues in order to get out. I woke up after that one since it was too weird to me, like, since when did a dog turn into a human.

So that were all of the dreams that I remembered, but I did have dreams that were embarrassing. And no I am not going to put them in this blog post because I don’t need to share that with everyone. Anyways I will see you in the next one.


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