116/365 Getting my first phone

Phones are stuff that many young kids want. Whether it’s cause their friends have it, whether they felt left out of not having one, or even just cause they wanted one, lots of kids want phones. I remember when I was in third grade, my older sister already had a phone and since I was the youngest I didn’t have a phone. I kept begging my parents for one but they didn’t budge. Until one day when they decided to give me the second best thing to a phone. An Ipod. This Ipod was my absolute friend, I always listened to music and watched YouTube, I think. However, when I got into sixth grade, that was when many of my own friends had phones and I still didn’t have one. So on Christmas of 2018, I got my very first phone. This phone was an Iphone 6s and I had that phone for probably three years until my birthday came.

For my birthday, one thing that I really wanted was AirPods, however the Iphone 6s didn’t come with AirPods so because of that I wasn’t able to use that. Until on my birthday of this year actually, my dad and sister bought me AirPods, and along with that they got me a new phone. Ok, before you all say that my dad and sister wasted money on a whole new phone, relax they didn’t. They decided to give my dad’s old phone that was still new. So now I have that and I love it. Anyways I just wanted to talk about technology and phones cause, why not? Thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one.


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