115/365 Theme Parks

Theme Parks are the highlight for many people’s summers. Who doesn’t love going to Theme Parks to ride the rides, eat cotton candy, and wait for approximately 2 whole hours for one ride that when you finally get on, you end up not enjoying the ride. I haven’t been to many theme parks, from my memory I’ve only ever been to three. I’m going to talk about those parks and also some stories.

The first one that I went to was the original: DisneyLand. DisneyLand is always fun for many families and little kids. I have a little side story where I was super obsessed with the show, “Jake And The Neverland Pirates.” There was one staff member that was dressed as the Jake from the show, and I wanted a picture. I went over and hugged “Jake” but after hugging I felt weird, I think it was because of the realization that this wasn’t the actual Jake. I don’t have any other stories that involved rides but this story is pretty funny.

The second park was Great America. I went to this place probably either two or three times. Many of these times were from my summer camp, “Math Enrichment”. This theme park had many different rides but the one ride that I remember riding was called, “The Grizzly”. Now one fact about me is that I am not that big of a fan of rollercoasters. It’s been long so maybe I’ve changed who knows. But I remember just huddling myself in my seat and closing my eyes tightly for the rest of the ride. When the ride came to a stop, the chaperones turned to me and said, “Hey Rahi, did you enjoy that?”. And me, who was still shaking out of fear said, “No.”

The last park that I went to was Universal Studios. My family went to this theme park for one reason only. Can you guess it? We wanted to see Harry Potter Land! Harry Potter Land was really amazing, fun, and of course, magical. I even had my first ButterBeer. Now before you guys say that I am underage, ButterBeer isn’t actually alcohol, it is just Root-beer floats. Root-beer is of course soda. Anyways, my family and I went to this one Harry Potter ride where it was just a dark room with the people in seats and floating around. It was pretty dark so it was just my family and I flying at nothing. Those were all the parks that I went to. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one.


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