114/365 Reading…not a fan.

I’m someone who isn’t a big fan of reading. I know to some it may come as a surprise that considering that I wrote 114 blog posts, I have a bitter spot for reading. You may be asking why this is. And the main reason is because it is simply too boring for me. Honestly, for many books they don’t really have an exciting or adventure packed story in it. That’s why the only book series that I like is Harry Potter.

Harry Potter actually has a big, compelling story and honestly has lots of adventure. However, I can’t say that for many other books since many of them really don’t give me that urge or feeling of adventure. Also when school started encouraging us to read much more, it kinda gave me the message of…”oh reading is a school assignment or a punishment.”

Another reason for why I don’t like reading is because I read really slow, and I know many people will say that to fix this, I just have to read more. Now to those people who say this, I want you to go back up this blog post and re-read what I just said. I am fine with reading my own blog posts and even my parents’ because it actually feels like someone making a video, but this time, through writing. It’s almost like a script. Many of my friends say how much reading has calmed them and how it is really good for your brain and it is really fun. And all I can say is that, I can’t relate. Anyways, if you really love reading I think that’s great since it is pretty calming. But will I ever pick up a book without the school forcing me? No, anyways I will see you in the next one.


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