113/365 Summer Camps

I haven’t been to many summer camps, mainly because I don’t really like to go to them unless any of my friends are going. However, my parents signed me up for three summer camps. One of them was long term while the others, I was only there for one summer. So let me set the stage.

It all started when I was probably in 3rd grade. My dad found this summer program that was happening called, Math Enrichment. And no, it didn’t ONLY teach math, they also taught other stuff. Math Enrichment was actually pretty fun, of course minus the classes, I met some nice people and made a few friends too! This camp even had a room where it was dedicated to all video games. I still have memories of either failing or winning at Smash Bros.

The second summer camp that I went to was a smaller camp which had about maybe 27 kids. I was one of the older kids since I was going into 6th grade. I also made some friends who I really liked. I really wanted to meet them again the next year but my dad said they only allowed people who were going into 6th grade. But on a more positive note, we got to ride hoverboards as well as play capture the flag and color in color sheets.

The last summer camp that I went to was a Improv Summer camp. This was really fun and cool since it was all about acting. I already made a post about this but everyday was a fun day and I really liked the show that we put on for the parents. I definitely can be better than how I was in the show because I was horrible.

Those are all the summer camps that I have been in. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next one!


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