112/365 Hamilton The Musical

I have just seen one of the best musicals ever, and I am here to tell you all about it. So sit down, relax, maybe grab a s’more, and sit by an imaginary campfire and listen to this list of my reasons why Hamilton is amazing.

  1. Amazing story

The story of Hamilton is amazing. Hamilton isn’t a made up story, this is actual history that has happened in America. They depicted the story very well in the musical. One thing about this story is how much the individual characters have done in their parts of their lives. In the musical, the directors made it a goal to show the audience how the story of Hamilton affected them and what was even happening in their own lives.

2. Vocals

When hearing the people singing, you can already tell that they put a lot of effort in their vocals as well as the harmonies. As a fellow lover of singing myself, it is really hard to harmonize your voice and to have the exact right pitch and to stay like that for the entire song. However, this musical and the actors were able to combine all the voices in order to sound very beautiful.

3. Dancing

The choreography in this musical is really amazing, it has amazing dancing and the dancers as well as the actors really did give it their all. In the choreography there were lots of movement and expression in all of the dances and the type of dances for many different parts of the musical fit perfectly. You can already tell that the choreographer put lots of works into the dances and the energy that had to be radiating from those dances.

4. Acting

Of course musicals aren’t all dancing and singing, if that was the case then it would be a concert not a musical. The actors, say it with me now, really went into their characters and became those characters. Heck, they were the characters. The actors really took the time to remember the blocking and line delivering. All the actors were amazing at showing the emotion. There were even times where I felt the emotion that they were feeling because they acted it so well!

So that’s my list for why Hamilton is the best musical ever. Honestly if you haven’t seen Hamilton and you don’t want to get the tickets since they are so gosh darn expensive, then you can see it on Disney + which has the original actors! So what are you waiting for? Go have a watch, and remember, don’t throw away your shot!


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