111/365 Racism

Today’s blog post is going to be a little bit more personal but also it will be educational. Racism has been a part of our world for a long time and it still is. I have dealt with racism back in elementary school but I won’t be talking about that, instead let me tell you about racism. Racism stands for discrimination based off of someone’s ethnicity, color or even background. Racism started back in the 1900s when people took African Americans as slaves. However, President Lincoln wrote the 13th amendment which abolished slavery. Now, even though this meant that the African Americans were free, this didn’t close tensions in the form of discrimination. Racism isn’t only targeted at Black people, it is also Asians, Hispanics, Muslims and so forth.

I remember when I heard about the death of George Floyd back on May 25th 2020. I was so enraged that a police officer, who’s job it is to protect people’s lives, would do an act of injustice. And this thing isn’t new, this happened all over the centuries, in the 1900s this injustice happened and people just brushed it off. Privileged people know that they won’t get in trouble because they think they are like the others, they won’t get in trouble because they are, “one of the group”.

Racism not only happens in public, but it also happens at schools and offices or any work environment. Like I said before I have dealt with racism and it was really hard, but thankfully I had amazing friends who stuck by me, who didn’t care about my skin color or what I ate. It’s time that we stand up and use our voices to end racism.


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