109/365 Toxic Friendship

Friendships are a big part of our lives and it is nice to have someone very close to you. However there are those times where some people aren’t what they seem. Toxic Friendships are super common in school, in a work environment and even in general life. Many friendships have red flags but sometimes those flags are hard to spot at the start. I have had my fair share of toxic friendships but instead of telling you guys some emotional baggage, I’ll tell you more about toxic friendships with the help of the internet. Many toxic friendships start with the ex-friend wanting to be friends with you. That’s not for all friendships but wait there is more.

Firstly, the friend may be controlling. They might want everything to happen their way and they will force you. This is something really common in all toxic relationships, if one person is just mad that stuff isn’t going their way, then that’s a sign of a toxic friend.

Secondly, the friend is guilt-tripping. Sometimes your friend might say that you are the problem for any sort of conflict that comes up. It is also very common when your friend will guilt-trip you into admitting to something that you didn’t do, or agreeing with them.

And thirdly, the friend is a manipulator. Now many people will say that if anyone tried to manipulate them, they can see it a mile away, however, this is real life, not a Instagram post. The way how manipulation works is when what someone says about you or your other friends starts piling on to you. Your friend might talk badly about your other friends in order to isolate you. People might be able to see through that and I don’t I guess it is easy, we all are different but this comes to one main point.

Toxic Friendships is something that everyone is going to experience, if you are in a friendship now and you don’t like the time you spend with that person, remember that there are better people out there, who will make you feel more belonged. Thank you and I will see you in the next one.


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