108/365 Success

Success is something all of us want. We want to be successful about something. Sometimes it’s the little things like succeeding in a sport, on a test, or even on a phobia. But sometimes it’s really big like getting a job, or making it into a college of your choice. Every human has a mindset for success, either they want to be successful for their own happiness and future, or for the validation of others. Sometimes I have these looming thoughts where what would happen if I was successful and what that would do for my future. But I would also wonder if I am making everyone around me happy. In my mind, I think, I want to make everyone around me happy. Now it’s important to honor your parents but it’s also good to honor yourself and make yourself happy.

Another thing about success is choosing different career paths. Now there are many occupations that I wanna take like animator, ventriloquist, singer and actor. My parents want me to do something big with my interests and I completely agree with that. But I don’t wanna start right away. With many of my interests, they all started as a hobby, and they are still now a hobby, I never thought of career choices or big cooperations cause I had no idea what I even wanted to do with my life. As always it was a work in progress and it is still a work in progress.

Along with many career paths to choose from, there is also the fear of making everyone proud. I have a fear that if I am not making everyone around me happy, then I am a disappointment. This happens a lot for school that if I don’t get a good grade then I will disappoint someone. I felt like if I couldn’t succeed in anything, then I couldn’t make anyone happy and that kinda took a toll on me. These dark thoughts always loomed over me that I had to be better in order to keep the peace and to not tip the boat. I was supposed to keep things balanced, I had to make everyone happy…but what about me?

A while later I told my mom about success and how I felt like I had to make people happy, and she said that I didn’t have to make anyone happy, I had to make myself happy. If I made everyone happy, I would just be a rag doll, I wouldn’t be my own person. Now I am telling you all, you don’t need to succeed to make anyone else happy, if you can make yourself happy then you are already succeeding. It is true you should make people happy but it is also important to take care of yourself. Don’t treat yourself as if you don’t matter, you do, and it’s time to act like that. Thank you for reading I will see you in the next one.


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