107/365 Feeling left out

Feeling left out is not a great feeling. We all have felt left out before. Whether it’s for your dodgeball game, a group project, or just a friendly hangout, you might feel left out. Now I feel left out for one main thing that one main thing is my age. And since I still look and sound young, whenever there are people older than me, they always treat me as if I am a first grader. They will always, without fail, talk to me in this kiddy voice. You know which voice I am talking about, the voice that is very playful and the type where they use it on 8 year olds. The reason why I felt left out at that time was because I am in a group of friends and two people treat me like I’m just some random elementary school kid and not like a friend. Now, not many others have it this way, many people get left out for other reasons. And if you ever feel left out, don’t worry about it, there will always be people who will treat the same as others.


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