106/365 Sickness

Being sick is terrible. I should know…because I’m sick this second. I thought I would maybe tell you guys about sickness and all of that. So let’s start from the beginning. Right after my dad tested negative for Covid, things went back to normal, I was so happy and I was glad that everything was back to the way it was. However, last Friday my throat all of a sudden started to get scratchy, I didn’t think much of it until later that night where I started to sneeze and clogged nose all night. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep that well that night. My dad knew about this, I mean everyone knew about it since it was so loud, and decided to treat me to a Covid test. I was scared that somehow I got it from possibly from my dad, or from outside since on Friday I actually went out with my sister and a friend. I tested and thankfully I was negative. So my family and I concluded that I was just normally sick. Never in my 15 years of life was I happy to learn that I was just sick normally. Man, 2020 really is changing us, for the worst.

On Sunday I started to sweat for some time. It felt so hot for some reason but only for a little bit. Then I had to go to the bathroom, after that I soon started to get weak, and I kid you not, my vision was getting foggy. I also felt like just collapsing and I had no idea what was happening. I soon collapsed on my bed and just slept. Apparently I was just really hungry. So this is a friendly reminder to everyone that for the love of everything that is good and sweet in this world, eat so you don’t go hungry. After that it was just coughing. It has been the same with Monday and Tuesday and nothing much has happened. Just been taking medication and just playing video games. Anyways, I hope you all stay safe and not get sick like me! Bye!


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