105/365 Middle School

Middle School is a topic that many people don’t want to talk about since it was a very awkward period in their life. I’m not one to argue, I was pretty awkward when I was in middle school. However I was going through puberty(ew), really slowly so my voice didn’t start breaking or getting lower, and it still actually hasn’t changed. I am still in my young boy phase even though I’m in high school. But this post isn’t about high school, it’s about middle school. First thing I want to bring up about middle school are the dances.

Dances in my middle school were pretty chill and nothing much happened. However the teachers didn’t want the kids to do stuff other than dance, eat, talk and walk around. I think there were some kids that were randomly flipping water bottles and the teachers didn’t like this and told them to stop. Another thing about the dances was that the teachers and staff would say that no one was allowed to leave the dance until the dance ended which is like, why? What if we had something to do, or what if we were tired we just have to stay there? I don’t know, it just didn’t make sense. One more about dances is of course the dancers. There are many people who would be in the dance floor and dancing their heart out, I wasn’t one of those people, me and my friends would just sit in the bleachers and talk. I didn’t want to dance since it was just so awkward.

Next thing is blending in. I was known as one of those short middle schoolers, in fact I was so short that I apparently looked like a girl. Many people said that I sounded like a girl which I didn’t really understand. Many people in middle school are put into different types of categories like popular kids, bullies, edgy teens, sport kids, nerds and so much more. I was one of the art kids who just drew pictures and did performing arts.

In summary, middle school was one of the awkward times in my life. I don’t have many stories to tell since most of my 7th grade and all of my 8th grade years were online which sucked, I have plenty of stories that I will tell you here. For now I will see you all later.


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