104/365 Do I like scary stuff?

We all see different scary stuff. Some of us find bugs scary. We might think that a specific movie, TV show or game is scary. We also might think that children are scary. We might be afraid of many different things. However, time had passed and I all of a sudden like seeing horror related stuff. Now that I am more grown up, I now know that not everything is real, such as demons, ghosts etc. But I still felt a little skittish when some sort of scary thing pops up.

Throughout this year, I started seeing more and more horror stuff, specifically games, and I actually grew a liking to them. I never thought that a little fragile person like me would actually be fascinated by the idea of demons and ghosts. I don’t believe them, but I honestly think that the creativity that people put into these games, movies, shows and especially stories are outstanding! Getting a little scared from either a jump scare or a plot twist in a spooky story is almost a little exhilarating. That’s all I wanted to talk about. See you later.


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