107/365 Feeling left out

Feeling left out is not a great feeling. We all have felt left out before. Whether it’s for your dodgeball game, a group project, or just a friendly hangout, you might feel left out. Now I feel left out for one main thing that one main thing is my age. And since I still look and sound young, whenever there are people older than me, they always treat me as if I am a first grader. They will always, without fail, talk to me in this kiddy voice. You know which voice I am talking about, the voice that is very playful and the type where they use it on 8 year olds. The reason why I felt left out at that time was because I am in a group of friends and two people treat me like I’m just some random elementary school kid and not like a friend. Now, not many others have it this way, many people get left out for other reasons. And if you ever feel left out, don’t worry about it, there will always be people who will treat the same as others.


106/365 Sickness

Being sick is terrible. I should know…because I’m sick this second. I thought I would maybe tell you guys about sickness and all of that. So let’s start from the beginning. Right after my dad tested negative for Covid, things went back to normal, I was so happy and I was glad that everything was back to the way it was. However, last Friday my throat all of a sudden started to get scratchy, I didn’t think much of it until later that night where I started to sneeze and clogged nose all night. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep that well that night. My dad knew about this, I mean everyone knew about it since it was so loud, and decided to treat me to a Covid test. I was scared that somehow I got it from possibly from my dad, or from outside since on Friday I actually went out with my sister and a friend. I tested and thankfully I was negative. So my family and I concluded that I was just normally sick. Never in my 15 years of life was I happy to learn that I was just sick normally. Man, 2020 really is changing us, for the worst.

On Sunday I started to sweat for some time. It felt so hot for some reason but only for a little bit. Then I had to go to the bathroom, after that I soon started to get weak, and I kid you not, my vision was getting foggy. I also felt like just collapsing and I had no idea what was happening. I soon collapsed on my bed and just slept. Apparently I was just really hungry. So this is a friendly reminder to everyone that for the love of everything that is good and sweet in this world, eat so you don’t go hungry. After that it was just coughing. It has been the same with Monday and Tuesday and nothing much has happened. Just been taking medication and just playing video games. Anyways, I hope you all stay safe and not get sick like me! Bye!

105/365 Middle School

Middle School is a topic that many people don’t want to talk about since it was a very awkward period in their life. I’m not one to argue, I was pretty awkward when I was in middle school. However I was going through puberty(ew), really slowly so my voice didn’t start breaking or getting lower, and it still actually hasn’t changed. I am still in my young boy phase even though I’m in high school. But this post isn’t about high school, it’s about middle school. First thing I want to bring up about middle school are the dances.

Dances in my middle school were pretty chill and nothing much happened. However the teachers didn’t want the kids to do stuff other than dance, eat, talk and walk around. I think there were some kids that were randomly flipping water bottles and the teachers didn’t like this and told them to stop. Another thing about the dances was that the teachers and staff would say that no one was allowed to leave the dance until the dance ended which is like, why? What if we had something to do, or what if we were tired we just have to stay there? I don’t know, it just didn’t make sense. One more about dances is of course the dancers. There are many people who would be in the dance floor and dancing their heart out, I wasn’t one of those people, me and my friends would just sit in the bleachers and talk. I didn’t want to dance since it was just so awkward.

Next thing is blending in. I was known as one of those short middle schoolers, in fact I was so short that I apparently looked like a girl. Many people said that I sounded like a girl which I didn’t really understand. Many people in middle school are put into different types of categories like popular kids, bullies, edgy teens, sport kids, nerds and so much more. I was one of the art kids who just drew pictures and did performing arts.

In summary, middle school was one of the awkward times in my life. I don’t have many stories to tell since most of my 7th grade and all of my 8th grade years were online which sucked, I have plenty of stories that I will tell you here. For now I will see you all later.

104/365 Do I like scary stuff?

We all see different scary stuff. Some of us find bugs scary. We might think that a specific movie, TV show or game is scary. We also might think that children are scary. We might be afraid of many different things. However, time had passed and I all of a sudden like seeing horror related stuff. Now that I am more grown up, I now know that not everything is real, such as demons, ghosts etc. But I still felt a little skittish when some sort of scary thing pops up.

Throughout this year, I started seeing more and more horror stuff, specifically games, and I actually grew a liking to them. I never thought that a little fragile person like me would actually be fascinated by the idea of demons and ghosts. I don’t believe them, but I honestly think that the creativity that people put into these games, movies, shows and especially stories are outstanding! Getting a little scared from either a jump scare or a plot twist in a spooky story is almost a little exhilarating. That’s all I wanted to talk about. See you later.

103/365 My Pet Peeves

I got this idea from a video, so I just decided to make a blog post about it since I don’t have anything else to say. My pet peeves are mostly small. One pet peeve of mine is when people would mis-gender me. I honestly don’t know how people can mis-gender me, because I am clearly a boy, even my voice has gotten lower so they can’t use that in their defense. In 6th grade I had long hair and I got mis-gendered a lot but that was fine since I had pretty long hair. However, in high school one person asked me if I was a boy or a girl, for literally no reason. I didn’t have long hair, and my voice was ok. So I had no idea why this happened but I was just so annoyed at him that I just said, “I’m a boy” and walked off.

Another pet peeve of mine is when people would keep on commenting on how short I am. I’m not joking when I say that literally maybe 30-40% of my high school would just give me looks and tell there friend, “That guy looks really short”. Like, oh yeah, I definitely didn’t know about that when I was in 5th grade, yeah ok, genius. And there are many times where someone would ask me how old I was, and when I would tell them my age they would always say that I looked like an elementary schooler. Like I didn’t know.

One more pet peeve that I have is when studying and/or work has to be done. I have 10th grade to look forward to, so that means I have to get ready for 10th grade, while everyone else relaxes, I have to be looking at Geometry and seeing if I know about transformations and that parallel lines are two lines that never intersect. That is all the pet peeves

102/365 My Overall Summer Review

Even though it has only been 2 weeks of my summer, I want to make a review because the week that I am in now is really boring. The first week of summer was fine until my dad told me that I had to practice Geometry over the summer. I already knew the basics of Geometry so I honestly felt like I didn’t have to. Also it is summer and for me I honestly don’t want to have to do any sort of work that involved school because I want to relax, and my family always said that I will have time to relax when the big truth was I wouldn’t because doing more school work was not relaxation. But enough about school. The next thing is hanging out with my friends. I was only able to hang out with my friends once last week and of course this week, I can’t because of Covid.

As I am typing this, it is getting hotter and hotter and I honestly feel like not doing anything school related because I can’t stand it with math. Anyways that’s all I wanted to say. So my summer is going, alright I guess.

101/365 Graduation Ceremony and the COVID-19 scare!

I haven’t written for another day and the reason why is really simple. A lot of stuff has been happening. First of all let me tell you about the graduation ceremony. It was Sunday and it was time for my sisters graduation. This was really happening, my sister was going to finish school for the last time! That is, unless she decides to get her masters, but who knows. Anyway, when we got there, we were walking to find the line and we did. The line was so long, it went almost all the way across the field, apparently something happened so they had to redo the entire line. We waited in line until more of my sister and my friends arrived. Then it was time for my sister to get her degree. As soon as the speaker said my sisters name, our friends and I started shouting and screaming and cheering. I honestly give myself the award of probably being one of the loudest and obnoxious people for that ceremony, I have video of it and it literally sounds like I was whistling. After that we all went to a Thai restaurant and then had a good nights sleep.

Now for the COVID-19 scare. I got my booster 4 days ago, and as always I wasn’t feeling anything. I don’t know why but ever since I’ve been getting booster shots, I have never felt anything, the only time I really felt anything was just sleepiness. Well the day after the graduation ceremony, my dad started to have a runny nose, it was allergy season so we suspected that it was just some sort of allergic reaction. Well my dad actually got a bit worried and said he wanted to take a rapid test, so we took a rapid test and he is positive. He is staying in the room and of course he is social distancing. Well on that same day, I kept getting headaches and I had no appetite. All I did was lay down and sleep for the rest of the day. I was honestly so scared that I actually had covid, but then I woke up today, and I feel much better. I didn’t know why, but then I remembered! Remember how I said that I never got symptoms from the booster shots? Well yesterday was the day that I finally felt something, and now I am better than ever. Everyone, even though Covid seems gone, it really isn’t so please make sure to keep washing your hands, and social distancing for a bit.

100/365 Graduation Photos

Well, would you look at that, this my 100th post. Now, I’m not going to talk about how writing these blogs helped me, instead I’m gonna talk about a BIG event that happened literally yesterday, also this was the reason I didn’t make a post yesterday. Yesterday was the time for my sister’s graduation photos. We first had to go to Santa Cruz to her college apartment and get ready there. We also planned on going to the beach afterwards. So we decided to bring Ginger. The drive to Santa Cruz was really hot and long, so long in fact that I eventually slept. After reaching the apartment, we just relax, had some ice cream and just looked around the place. Then it was time to get ready. My sister really wanted us to wear white. Not white like all the way down but for me just a white buttoned-up shirt. We went to the college campus, took some photos and they looked great. However, for some reason I kept on feeling sleepy through out the drive to the places for the pictures. Of course that meant that I was dehydrated, so I took some water and I was good. After we were done, it was around 7:50 which means we couldn’t go to the beach. So after giving my dog food, we then changed out of our fancy clothes and got into casual clothes. My dad, mom, dog and I then went home. However, I started to notice that my dog wasn’t laying down and sleeping which felt odd, then later I see that she had threw up. We were able to clean and throw it away and when we got home, she felt much better. It was 11 at night so I decided not to write a blog post in the middle of the night. But here it is now! Soon I will be graduating high school in three years.

99/365 Amphibia is the best show!

Amphibia, wow. Amphibia has surpassed everyone’s expectations. For anyone who don’t know about this cartoon show that has just sky-rocketed, then let me sum it up for you. Three middle school girls named, Anne, Sasha and Marcy, steal a music box that transports them into different places in a land called Amphibia. And if it wasn’t obvious from the title, this land is filled with Amphibians. We’re talking about frogs, toads and newts. Anne soon becomes a part of this family known as the Plantar family. There is a grandpa named, Hop Pop, a tadpole named Polly, and a pink frog named Sprig The entire show is basically where Anne tries to find her friends and get back to their world safely.

I really loved this series since it had great character arch and amazing story plots as well as an on-screen death. I highly recommend watching Amphibia, and if you have Disney Plus, then you can watch there! Now let me hop out of writing this post!

98/365 Hosting a Ventriloquism Club

From title, you can see that I made a ventriloquism club. Well I did, back in middle school. In middle school, I realized that not many people knew about this strange act of performing arts that is called ventriloquism. I decided to make my own ventriloquism club, it was a good way for showing people a new performing art piece. The club wasn’t huge, sadly, but it did have my friends and my math teacher. However when the pandemic started, the ventriloquism club was starting to go downhill. People stopped showing up to our weekly zoom meetings and we soon didn’t have anyone coming to the club.

In 8th grade, my math teacher decided that instead of doing a ventriloquism club, we should do a performing arts club. So that is exactly what we did, and it was nice. Some friends came and gone and we ended up doing lots of games. But for me, I would always forget to show up for the meetings because it is Friday, which means I forget everything.