85/365 My animation is done

The long-awaited animation is done. That’s right, my fan-made animation of the song called, Red, is out. I have been working hard on this animation and I think it was worth the 3 month wait. This is the link to the video, if you want to check it out.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8JXyzoZwoQ

This animation was made in one animation app called “Flipaclip”. This animation is basically a fan-made animated music video. This was the first big animation that I posted on Youtube, so I really hope you guys enjoy it if you do plan on seeing it. I have a million animations that I haven’t finished, and some that I haven’t even started, but I might be able to finish them in a month, or a year, or a decade or a century. Animation takes a long time. So that’s why I am looking forward to winter break.

84/365 Why I think Christmas is better than Thanksgiving >:D

In my opinion, Christmas has more of a wonderful, and nice feeling. Thanksgiving is just the one time of the year to get fat. And, yes I agree, there are some stuff that people are thankful for, but I am certain that many people like to get presents on Christmas. I am a Christmas fan, I have been for a long time. So, I might be a little bias, but I don’t care, let’s get started.

Christmas has more of a positive mood to it. I just love the feeling of everyone being merry and seeing all of the colors for Christmas. Hearing the Christmas carols and seeing the Christmas tree just fills me up with happiness and energy.

Now on to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving does not have a good history. As you know, when Colonials came to America, they took over the Native American’s land, and killed many of the tribes there. From some of the Native Americans, the colonies learned how to harvest food, and then they made Thanksgiving. Hasn’t it occurred to you that Thanksgiving celebrated for people being thankful. Does that mean that the pilgrims were thankful for the Native Americans for teaching them harvesting, even though they killed them? More mysteries I have to find out myself.

I also just love Christmas for its atmosphere and the good vibes it gives out. I am so excited for December for two reasons. 1. It’s because it’s going to be my play, and I’m excited. And two, because I want to wear a lot of Christmas clothing.

That is the reason why Christmas is better than Thanksgiving.


I have been working on an animated music video and it is taking so long. Doing animation takes about 10 years. Actually no, 100 years, actually, it’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years. I see people’s animations, and they look so easy. And then you try to do it, and you ended up thinking about smashing your tablet. I am on frame 444, and in total, I have 2,610 frames. This is what I call stress, I am hoping to finish it by the end of this month. But now I don’t know why I put that deadline on myself, because there is thing called school, homework, responsibilities, conflicts, rehearsals, and not having enough time. I am going to work harder on Thanksgiving Break. Wish me luck. We’ll see if I am still alive, from working my butt off.

82/365 The play is almost done!!!

That’s right everyone! The Wrinkle in Time play is now almost in production. After many months of rehearsing, and training. I think we are ready to put on an entire show. But let me tell you one thing that I am most afraid of…missing lines. I have to say a few quotes that are so hard. And some lines that I have to get on the dot. I have been trying, and trying, and trying so hard, and I still am forgetting my lines. I am getting better at memorizing my lines, but I need to get them perfectly. The next thing that I have to know is about the blocking, or the movement. There are a lot of places where I have to just run, or even be carried. Knowing your blocking can help you memorize your lines. Did that work for me? Kinda, and kinda not. I was super excited when I would get to move and get to put my own taste into my character. I am Charles Wallace in the Wrinkle in Time production, and I love him.

Actually, fun fact, in the play Charles Wallace(NOT SAYING IT SINCE THEY ARE SPOILERS!!!!) and that is my favorite part. Me and the cast have been really excited for opening night. I am already wondering what the costumes are going to look like! December, is going to be a fun month.

81/365 Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Being 14 and being in high school, I still like Halloween. I like the costumes, the decorations, and of course candy. I still remember one Halloween, where I ate too much candy and in the morning, I cried and said that my stomach hurts. Well actually, I was probably 7, so I instead said, “My tummy hurts” and thus my parents treated my tummy and it was a nice day. Well, another thing I want to talk about are the costumes. I have worn the same Pikachu costume for 2-3 years. There was one point where I dressed up as a character in Pokemon named Ash, and another time where I became a minion. I was a lot of characters like Harry Potter, and also a zombie. This year, I am being someone named, “Alice Angel”. However, this name doesn’t stick with me, so we are going to change it to Andrew Angel. (Why does that sound like a Twilight name?). I have been Trick or Treating for about 7 years now and I don’t do it anymore because of two reasons. One which is the obvious choice, the pandemic is still going on. Two, society might judge a 14 year old wearing a mediocre costume trying to ask for free candy. Plus, I have money now, so I can buy my own candy. Take that to those people that put bowls outside that says, “Take one piece of candy” I now can buy a whole bag of M&Ms.

Another thing that is common for Halloween is the spooky ghost stories. I’ve never been a fan of scary stories or horror related stuff, but I did hear this one ghost story that is amazing. I’ll tell you this story right now.

Once upon a time, there was a musician that lived with his daughter. The musician wished for riches and wealth to be bestowed upon him and his daughter. He pondered, and pondered, and pondered. Until, we went to Satan, the devil himself. The musician told Satan his wish and asked if he could grant that wish. Satan agreed, but warned that the cost would be his very soul, and the result of the wish, may not be what the musician desired. The musician was desperate, and ignored the warning. Satan, taking control of the musicians’ soul, granted the wish. Very soon, the musician will play his instruments, while his daughter would dance and sing. They would play at large crowds, and many people knew the daughter. They would cheer her name, and throw coins at her feet. Soon, the musician and the daughter grew famous and rich, that they were able to play at festivals, and even for royals. The musician was very classy and hung out with all of the famous musicians, but even that was enough. He grew bitter, and realized that the attention wasn’t on him, it was on his daughter, and he grew jealous. “For this, I gave up my very own soul?! HOW CAN IT BE?!”, he cried. He wished that he could go back in time to before he told Satan to help him. Feeling hopeless, the musician called Satan again and asked for help. Satan replied, that in order for the musician to get his fame, he must kill his daughter. The musician, who’s soul was blinded in darkness, agreed. However, little did the musician and Satan know, the daughter heard the wicked scheme. She decided to run for her life, and fled to a place where no one knew her name, or face. The musician traveled for many years trying to find his daughter, he was a walking monster. He soon died from old age, but his spirit, still lingers around the world, trying to find his daughter. They say that when you walk alone, and you hear a second set of footsteps, be careful. Because the mad musician, might get you. I hope you enjoyed that spooky tale, I’ll see you guys later, bye!

80/365 Homecoming week at my school

This was my first homecoming experience and it was, what I like to call, intense. Homecoming week is basically where you show off your spirit of your school. But for my school, it was different for all grade levels. Since I am a freshman, me and the rest of the freshmen, had to wear our spirit. But our spirit week was so boring. On Monday, we were supposed to wear one color. What do we look to you? One-colored curtains? Tuesday, we were supposed to wear neon colors. And their slogan for that day was, “Taste the Rainbow”, isn’t that copyrighted? Wednesday, we were supposed to wear tie-dye. I wanted to make my own tie-dye, but the process takes a day, and I came up with the idea on Tuesday. Thursday, we were supposed to wear our grade level t-shirts. And then Friday, we wore our school’s spirit colors.

There were also rallies for each grade level. And each grade level had a theme. For freshmen, our theme was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Sophomores’ theme was Harry Potter, totally not jealous. Juniors’ theme was Marvel. And Seniors’ theme was Avatar the Last Airbender. Like I said, there were many rallies for the grade levels. I decided to go and check out the freshmen rally, and it was pretty cool. It was just a bunch of decoration that was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory themed, with a bunch of freshmen saying that they are freshmen. But then the Seniors came and decided to come and started chanting that the Seniors were better. Way to crash the party. If I had the power, courage, and wisdom to think of another theme for the freshmen, I would definitely choose The Owl House. Actually, next year, I would be a Sophomore, so Sophomores’ theme will be The Owl House.

Lastly was the Homecoming Dance. The Homecoming Dance was pretty awkward, I did meet my friends. But my friends were out there. They went into the middle of the dance floor, and basically started jumping up and down. Meanwhile, I walked around the place trying to see if there were more people I knew and yeah, I found people and had a fun time! Homecoming was an experience, and if there are any freshmen whose school is doing homecoming, you should try it out. It is actually very fun, and the experience of it is incredible.

79/365 Learning how to cook

Cooking feels hard. I have never cooked in my entire life, I’ve only ever baked. And even then, there have been times where total chaos can happen. My parents haven’t taught me how to cook, until now. I have a Health class assignment where we have to cook a nutritious meal for our family. However, I have no experience, with learning how to cook. I have flipped chapatis, but that isn’t going to help with making a full course meal. My parents are definitely the opposite, they can cook curries, vegetables and they are very talented. When I told them about this they said, “This shouldn’t be too hard, we can do this.” Only problem was that, my teacher wants us to put portions, how many calories, grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein are in each food. And I couldn’t just scan the nutrition facts, because my parents didn’t show me. So, I am currently, kinda, almost, sort-of, maybe, done with the meal.

But, we are making the beef curry, and I have to write this post for my weekly writing. There were somethings that I got to do. Like plucking stems from the methi leaves and washing them. I also got to chop potatoes, chop onions, saute the potatoes with the onions, methi leaves, and the spices. After sometime, which is right now, we are making the beef curry, however, my dad is mostly doing it because I have to write this post. Making a meal seems hard and boring, but it is actually fun. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to check the beef curry to make sure it doesn’t burn and cause a fire in the house. Bye!

78/365 What really makes me angry?

Anger is an emotion that we all feel. Maybe someone said something very mean to you. Someone might’ve stole something that was very precious to you. Someone might’ve eaten the last chocolate chip cookie and drank all of the milk, even though you put up a sticky note, saying that you claimed it. Anger is sometimes good, and sometimes not. Let us see the Pros of anger. Anger might actually help you in any sort of danger, let me give you a scenario. You are in the forest and are minding your own business, just admiring nature. Suddenly, a bear jumps up and blocks you! Your mind starts racing, thinking that these were going to be the last seconds of your life, but then you remember the way that your teacher was mean to you today, and you want revenge. You take your anger out on the bear, making the bear run away. Just kidding, that only happens in cartoons.

I honestly don’t know any types of pros for anger. I do know some cons however. A bad thing about anger is that it hurts those people around your surroundings. For example, if people yell at me, or scold me, naturally my first instinct to do is cry. Anger affects everyone and not only the person that you are angry at. When you get angry at someone or something, it makes you look like an angry person and someone might also avoid you, since they might be afraid to ask you anything because of how you will react. Another thing about anger is that it creates more problems and more danger. When I went to India for a trip, my grandma showed me a video talking about anger and how it is dangerous.

There have been times where I would get mad and it wouldn’t solve anything. Anger can also lead to more problems. Anger can also make your social life suffer. Less people would want to hangout or be near you if you constantly get mad at a lot of things. When people are angry at me, I get very scared and worked up because, I think that these people are going to scar me for life. And the fact is that anger, is scary to me, even though I get angry at people too. Another thing about anger is that it completely blinds your brain and this little thing called common sense. So, now we come to the question, what makes me mad. And ladies and gentlemen, the answer is, having to take quizzes and tests for every week. That makes me mad AND annoyed.

76/365 Week review

My week was pretty good. I mean, minus the tests and quizzes that I had to take, it was still a pretty good week. For my English class, we have an ORB also known as an Outside Reading Book, and we have to do a book talk. And I am not nearly done with my book. And I am panicking, I am someone who doesn’t like reading. But I guess writing is better. The only books I enjoy are from authors that I actually like. For instance Harry Potter, it is a really good series and even has 7…or I mean, 8 movies. Another author that I like is called, TheOdd1sOut and I have two of his books. He is a story-time animator on Youtube. So please go check him out. Another thing I want to tell you guys is that I am actually almost done with rehearsing the play. We are going to rehearse the last scene on Monday, and, oh. my. god. It feels so weird to finish rehearsing the play in a couple months. This week has been pretty great. The only con was all of the tests and quizzes I had to take, it is so annoying when you wake up on Monday and you think, “Ah, yes, this week is going to be a blast”. Yeah, that was the complete opposite for me. When I woke up last Monday, all I could think about was that I had a test. I don’t like tests, no one does. That is just a universal fact that no one likes quizzes or tests. However, for my math class, we have quizzes every 2-3 weeks. A fact about high school is that some teachers love giving students a lot of homework, tests, quizzes and nights where students wish that they had a different teacher that was more chill. But overall, it was a good week, I hope this week is much, much better!

76/365 Update on the play for my school and mostly the week.

It’s going well. But I still have stories to tell you all. Last Friday, the teacher and the cast decided to run through the first act. In the play there are 2 acts in total, and we were reviewing the entirety of act 1. It was very funny but also very stressful, because we had to move a lot of the props. So this is what happened, we were about to start the play and we put on some amazing sound effects. Then the actors are basically doing their lines, and as they were doing them, the curtains close, and it’s time for the next scene. Me and the rest of the actors were putting a blue mat in the center of the stage and told one of the actors to get on the bed as fast as possible. When their scene was over, it was time for my scene, however, we needed to props that would act as the inside of a house. But no one did anything and were just sitting around, and not putting the props, so when the curtain came up, I just was doing my lines. Then the teacher said, “Um, where are the props”, and everyone else was all, “Oh, wait we had to do that”. Yes of course you were supposed to do that! So they put the props and then we finished the scene. Most of the events that happened were just all of us telling each other to move and set new props. After sometime, we had to do a part where we all had to act as if we were floating in midair. It was very fun and it was quite funny as well. After that, we got to ride a dragon and float in midair again. Doing all of the movements and the acting was really fun, but there is one thing that we all know. When we start to perform for the audience, we aren’t allowed to have the script with us, meaning we have to memorize the entire play till November 1st, it is September 25th (as I am writing this) and I literally have like a month to do it. Before you say, “Rahi, a month is a lot of time, you’ll be able to remember your lines by then”, there is still this little thing called homework, school, and responsibilities, and life I guess. I am still trying to memorize my lines. But, I am super excited to be part of my first ever high school theater experience. Wish me luck. Another thing is that my sister moved to college and I cried when she left. But then she came back in like three days. Honestly, I did know that she was back at college, but I was so busy with school and rehearsals that I didn’t have time to feel sad. Wow, that is one way to cope with things, occupy yourself with something, and become so busy that you don’t feel any emotions when something bad happened to you like 2-3 days ago. I don’t know what else to talk about since not many stuff happened this week except my sister moving to college and my play rehearsal, so…see you next week.