117/365 Dreams

Welcome to the comfort of your own bed. Tonight you will be drifted away into a world which is made up by your own imagination. Ok, I basically mean dreams. We all have had dreams before, I remember only a few dreams, so let’s talk about it.

My first dream that I remember having was when one of my after-school teachers in my elementary school was on this interview for this broadcast that talked about animals, in this dream my teacher was talking about how much they loved the outside world and why they loved nature. However, then they all of a sudden gave a warning or a fear that they have to be very quiet whenever they were in the forest. Honestly my little kid brain had no idea what was going on, until my mind came up with this image. It was a boy being tackled by a polar bear and the parents of the boy were chasing after the bear. Also, this polar bear wasn’t in icy land this was in the middle of lush green. I woke before anything else could happen.

The next dream that I had was where I guess my parents and friends, as well as I were trapped in some sort of haunted house that had no escape. While we were looking there was a dog that was in the house, when I went near the dog, it all of a sudden turned into the human, and it said that everything will be fine and that we just needed to find the clues in order to get out. I woke up after that one since it was too weird to me, like, since when did a dog turn into a human.

So that were all of the dreams that I remembered, but I did have dreams that were embarrassing. And no I am not going to put them in this blog post because I don’t need to share that with everyone. Anyways I will see you in the next one.


116/365 Getting my first phone

Phones are stuff that many young kids want. Whether it’s cause their friends have it, whether they felt left out of not having one, or even just cause they wanted one, lots of kids want phones. I remember when I was in third grade, my older sister already had a phone and since I was the youngest I didn’t have a phone. I kept begging my parents for one but they didn’t budge. Until one day when they decided to give me the second best thing to a phone. An Ipod. This Ipod was my absolute friend, I always listened to music and watched YouTube, I think. However, when I got into sixth grade, that was when many of my own friends had phones and I still didn’t have one. So on Christmas of 2018, I got my very first phone. This phone was an Iphone 6s and I had that phone for probably three years until my birthday came.

For my birthday, one thing that I really wanted was AirPods, however the Iphone 6s didn’t come with AirPods so because of that I wasn’t able to use that. Until on my birthday of this year actually, my dad and sister bought me AirPods, and along with that they got me a new phone. Ok, before you all say that my dad and sister wasted money on a whole new phone, relax they didn’t. They decided to give my dad’s old phone that was still new. So now I have that and I love it. Anyways I just wanted to talk about technology and phones cause, why not? Thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one.

115/365 Theme Parks

Theme Parks are the highlight for many people’s summers. Who doesn’t love going to Theme Parks to ride the rides, eat cotton candy, and wait for approximately 2 whole hours for one ride that when you finally get on, you end up not enjoying the ride. I haven’t been to many theme parks, from my memory I’ve only ever been to three. I’m going to talk about those parks and also some stories.

The first one that I went to was the original: DisneyLand. DisneyLand is always fun for many families and little kids. I have a little side story where I was super obsessed with the show, “Jake And The Neverland Pirates.” There was one staff member that was dressed as the Jake from the show, and I wanted a picture. I went over and hugged “Jake” but after hugging I felt weird, I think it was because of the realization that this wasn’t the actual Jake. I don’t have any other stories that involved rides but this story is pretty funny.

The second park was Great America. I went to this place probably either two or three times. Many of these times were from my summer camp, “Math Enrichment”. This theme park had many different rides but the one ride that I remember riding was called, “The Grizzly”. Now one fact about me is that I am not that big of a fan of rollercoasters. It’s been long so maybe I’ve changed who knows. But I remember just huddling myself in my seat and closing my eyes tightly for the rest of the ride. When the ride came to a stop, the chaperones turned to me and said, “Hey Rahi, did you enjoy that?”. And me, who was still shaking out of fear said, “No.”

The last park that I went to was Universal Studios. My family went to this theme park for one reason only. Can you guess it? We wanted to see Harry Potter Land! Harry Potter Land was really amazing, fun, and of course, magical. I even had my first ButterBeer. Now before you guys say that I am underage, ButterBeer isn’t actually alcohol, it is just Root-beer floats. Root-beer is of course soda. Anyways, my family and I went to this one Harry Potter ride where it was just a dark room with the people in seats and floating around. It was pretty dark so it was just my family and I flying at nothing. Those were all the parks that I went to. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one.

114/365 Reading…not a fan.

I’m someone who isn’t a big fan of reading. I know to some it may come as a surprise that considering that I wrote 114 blog posts, I have a bitter spot for reading. You may be asking why this is. And the main reason is because it is simply too boring for me. Honestly, for many books they don’t really have an exciting or adventure packed story in it. That’s why the only book series that I like is Harry Potter.

Harry Potter actually has a big, compelling story and honestly has lots of adventure. However, I can’t say that for many other books since many of them really don’t give me that urge or feeling of adventure. Also when school started encouraging us to read much more, it kinda gave me the message of…”oh reading is a school assignment or a punishment.”

Another reason for why I don’t like reading is because I read really slow, and I know many people will say that to fix this, I just have to read more. Now to those people who say this, I want you to go back up this blog post and re-read what I just said. I am fine with reading my own blog posts and even my parents’ because it actually feels like someone making a video, but this time, through writing. It’s almost like a script. Many of my friends say how much reading has calmed them and how it is really good for your brain and it is really fun. And all I can say is that, I can’t relate. Anyways, if you really love reading I think that’s great since it is pretty calming. But will I ever pick up a book without the school forcing me? No, anyways I will see you in the next one.

113/365 Summer Camps

I haven’t been to many summer camps, mainly because I don’t really like to go to them unless any of my friends are going. However, my parents signed me up for three summer camps. One of them was long term while the others, I was only there for one summer. So let me set the stage.

It all started when I was probably in 3rd grade. My dad found this summer program that was happening called, Math Enrichment. And no, it didn’t ONLY teach math, they also taught other stuff. Math Enrichment was actually pretty fun, of course minus the classes, I met some nice people and made a few friends too! This camp even had a room where it was dedicated to all video games. I still have memories of either failing or winning at Smash Bros.

The second summer camp that I went to was a smaller camp which had about maybe 27 kids. I was one of the older kids since I was going into 6th grade. I also made some friends who I really liked. I really wanted to meet them again the next year but my dad said they only allowed people who were going into 6th grade. But on a more positive note, we got to ride hoverboards as well as play capture the flag and color in color sheets.

The last summer camp that I went to was a Improv Summer camp. This was really fun and cool since it was all about acting. I already made a post about this but everyday was a fun day and I really liked the show that we put on for the parents. I definitely can be better than how I was in the show because I was horrible.

Those are all the summer camps that I have been in. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next one!

112/365 Hamilton The Musical

I have just seen one of the best musicals ever, and I am here to tell you all about it. So sit down, relax, maybe grab a s’more, and sit by an imaginary campfire and listen to this list of my reasons why Hamilton is amazing.

  1. Amazing story

The story of Hamilton is amazing. Hamilton isn’t a made up story, this is actual history that has happened in America. They depicted the story very well in the musical. One thing about this story is how much the individual characters have done in their parts of their lives. In the musical, the directors made it a goal to show the audience how the story of Hamilton affected them and what was even happening in their own lives.

2. Vocals

When hearing the people singing, you can already tell that they put a lot of effort in their vocals as well as the harmonies. As a fellow lover of singing myself, it is really hard to harmonize your voice and to have the exact right pitch and to stay like that for the entire song. However, this musical and the actors were able to combine all the voices in order to sound very beautiful.

3. Dancing

The choreography in this musical is really amazing, it has amazing dancing and the dancers as well as the actors really did give it their all. In the choreography there were lots of movement and expression in all of the dances and the type of dances for many different parts of the musical fit perfectly. You can already tell that the choreographer put lots of works into the dances and the energy that had to be radiating from those dances.

4. Acting

Of course musicals aren’t all dancing and singing, if that was the case then it would be a concert not a musical. The actors, say it with me now, really went into their characters and became those characters. Heck, they were the characters. The actors really took the time to remember the blocking and line delivering. All the actors were amazing at showing the emotion. There were even times where I felt the emotion that they were feeling because they acted it so well!

So that’s my list for why Hamilton is the best musical ever. Honestly if you haven’t seen Hamilton and you don’t want to get the tickets since they are so gosh darn expensive, then you can see it on Disney + which has the original actors! So what are you waiting for? Go have a watch, and remember, don’t throw away your shot!

111/365 Racism

Today’s blog post is going to be a little bit more personal but also it will be educational. Racism has been a part of our world for a long time and it still is. I have dealt with racism back in elementary school but I won’t be talking about that, instead let me tell you about racism. Racism stands for discrimination based off of someone’s ethnicity, color or even background. Racism started back in the 1900s when people took African Americans as slaves. However, President Lincoln wrote the 13th amendment which abolished slavery. Now, even though this meant that the African Americans were free, this didn’t close tensions in the form of discrimination. Racism isn’t only targeted at Black people, it is also Asians, Hispanics, Muslims and so forth.

I remember when I heard about the death of George Floyd back on May 25th 2020. I was so enraged that a police officer, who’s job it is to protect people’s lives, would do an act of injustice. And this thing isn’t new, this happened all over the centuries, in the 1900s this injustice happened and people just brushed it off. Privileged people know that they won’t get in trouble because they think they are like the others, they won’t get in trouble because they are, “one of the group”.

Racism not only happens in public, but it also happens at schools and offices or any work environment. Like I said before I have dealt with racism and it was really hard, but thankfully I had amazing friends who stuck by me, who didn’t care about my skin color or what I ate. It’s time that we stand up and use our voices to end racism.

110/365 Minion movie day!

This blog is going to be about my time with my sister, our friends and I watching the Minion movie. Apparently, this movie was actually a big hit so my sister and I decided to try it out. We watched the movie and it was actually really good. After the movie was done we actually saw many people wearing suits since it was actually a trend on social media for people to wear suits when they see the Minion movie.

After the movie some of us felt really hungry so we go and ate at this chicken place called, “Angry Chicks”. I got a mild chicken sandwich and that was so good and I loved it so much. However, I bit into my sandwich and all of a sudden my tongue felt like it was burning and I had no idea why, I thought that they accidentally got me a medium but instead it was my sister’s sandwich, whoops.

After eating dinner we decided to go to an ice cream shop which actually had really good Taiyaki which is a type of cookie you can get with filling. We all got Taiyaki and it was amazing. After that we went home and just relaxed. Thank you for reading, and I will see you in the next one.

109/365 Toxic Friendship

Friendships are a big part of our lives and it is nice to have someone very close to you. However there are those times where some people aren’t what they seem. Toxic Friendships are super common in school, in a work environment and even in general life. Many friendships have red flags but sometimes those flags are hard to spot at the start. I have had my fair share of toxic friendships but instead of telling you guys some emotional baggage, I’ll tell you more about toxic friendships with the help of the internet. Many toxic friendships start with the ex-friend wanting to be friends with you. That’s not for all friendships but wait there is more.

Firstly, the friend may be controlling. They might want everything to happen their way and they will force you. This is something really common in all toxic relationships, if one person is just mad that stuff isn’t going their way, then that’s a sign of a toxic friend.

Secondly, the friend is guilt-tripping. Sometimes your friend might say that you are the problem for any sort of conflict that comes up. It is also very common when your friend will guilt-trip you into admitting to something that you didn’t do, or agreeing with them.

And thirdly, the friend is a manipulator. Now many people will say that if anyone tried to manipulate them, they can see it a mile away, however, this is real life, not a Instagram post. The way how manipulation works is when what someone says about you or your other friends starts piling on to you. Your friend might talk badly about your other friends in order to isolate you. People might be able to see through that and I don’t I guess it is easy, we all are different but this comes to one main point.

Toxic Friendships is something that everyone is going to experience, if you are in a friendship now and you don’t like the time you spend with that person, remember that there are better people out there, who will make you feel more belonged. Thank you and I will see you in the next one.

108/365 Success

Success is something all of us want. We want to be successful about something. Sometimes it’s the little things like succeeding in a sport, on a test, or even on a phobia. But sometimes it’s really big like getting a job, or making it into a college of your choice. Every human has a mindset for success, either they want to be successful for their own happiness and future, or for the validation of others. Sometimes I have these looming thoughts where what would happen if I was successful and what that would do for my future. But I would also wonder if I am making everyone around me happy. In my mind, I think, I want to make everyone around me happy. Now it’s important to honor your parents but it’s also good to honor yourself and make yourself happy.

Another thing about success is choosing different career paths. Now there are many occupations that I wanna take like animator, ventriloquist, singer and actor. My parents want me to do something big with my interests and I completely agree with that. But I don’t wanna start right away. With many of my interests, they all started as a hobby, and they are still now a hobby, I never thought of career choices or big cooperations cause I had no idea what I even wanted to do with my life. As always it was a work in progress and it is still a work in progress.

Along with many career paths to choose from, there is also the fear of making everyone proud. I have a fear that if I am not making everyone around me happy, then I am a disappointment. This happens a lot for school that if I don’t get a good grade then I will disappoint someone. I felt like if I couldn’t succeed in anything, then I couldn’t make anyone happy and that kinda took a toll on me. These dark thoughts always loomed over me that I had to be better in order to keep the peace and to not tip the boat. I was supposed to keep things balanced, I had to make everyone happy…but what about me?

A while later I told my mom about success and how I felt like I had to make people happy, and she said that I didn’t have to make anyone happy, I had to make myself happy. If I made everyone happy, I would just be a rag doll, I wouldn’t be my own person. Now I am telling you all, you don’t need to succeed to make anyone else happy, if you can make yourself happy then you are already succeeding. It is true you should make people happy but it is also important to take care of yourself. Don’t treat yourself as if you don’t matter, you do, and it’s time to act like that. Thank you for reading I will see you in the next one.